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Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective might not sound like an unfamiliar name to you if you’re truly a desi hip-hop fan. Those who don’t know them should definitely check them out. Furthermore, their founding member Sun J dropped his debut album, “Reloaded”, on August 30, 2017. “Reloaded” has five tracks namely – Be AwareBhaad Mei JaoBreakboy, I Represent and Seedhe Slum Se. A few of  you might have already heard a couple of tracks from “Reloaded” but if you haven’t, you’re sleeping on gold.

Sun J reloaded album launch raasta 2Still of Sun J from “Reloaded” Album Launch (Venue – Raasta, Delhi)

In fact, Delhi witnessed the launch party of “Reloaded” at Raasta, Green Park on August 30. DJ Karma was invited to spin for the night. After all, he is the most celebrated hip-hop DJ from Delhi. Furthermore, Delhi’s most-wanted rapper Prabh Deep, opened up the set for the night.  After Prabh’s set, 2-Shadez took over the stage. As a matter of fact, 2-Shadez reunited after 2.5 years and have been performing live since last month again.

When Sun-J hit the stage to turn things up!

Everyone was waiting for the man of the hour – Sun J. As soon as Sun J stepped in, crowd’s uproar for his album launch began. Those who never saw him performing live were anticipating his time on stage. Now, here’s the thing, Sun J definitely knows how to entertain a live crowd. As a matter of fact, with proper MCing skills, he is a charm to watch live. Moreover, the level of Sun J’s energy is remarkable whenever he has the control over microphone. People who have previously seen him perform at gigs in Delhi and Mumbai understand what we’re talking about. The crowd congratulated the emcee on his album launch.

Sun J reloaded album launch raastaSun J Spits Fire At “Reloaded” Album Launch (Venue – Raasta, Delhi)

Sun J opened up his set with “Seedhe Slum Se”. He told everyone about his roots and where he comes from proudly. “Bhaad Mei Jao” took the energy to a whole new level. Heads nodding, hands following the beat and what not! Sun J then played “Be Aware” with a relaxed state of mind but his crew was going all berserk. Furthermore, Sun J took out a moment and appreciated the crowd and gave special shout-outs to the people working at He told the crowd that DHH has supported “Reloaded” in a big way before finishing his set.

Catch a glimpse of what went down at Sun J’s “Reloaded” album launch party –

As a matter of fact, pushed “Reloaded” to the fullest. The exclusive distribution of Sun J’s album is done by across all digital music distribution platforms. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy this album.

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Many prominent names from Delhi hip-hop scene were at the launch party to push Sun J. Beatboxers were doing their own thing, dancers were popping in the crowd, rappers kept the cyphers alive. It would be an understatement to say that the launch party was sick!

Sun J released two back to back videos from “Reloaded” viz. “Be Aware” and “Breakboy”. From power pack Hindi multies to a beat that will make a bboy groove, “I Am Breakboy” has it all! Sun J has himself written, produced and composed the track. This is among the initial styles of Sun J’s rapping which has a very gritty street vibe to it. His recent drop “Be Aware” marks his growth from his previous works.

Hip-Hop music has always been about displaying self-confidence. Letting the world know how you’re different in what you do. Sun J has done the same in “Be Aware” by simply explaining the difference between those who do it for the culture and those who do this just to seek fame and money. He left no stones unturned in speaking his mind out.

Watch the video of Sun J’s “Be Aware” here –