DON’T MISS! Best Hip-Hop Moments In WWE


WWE is the most famous brand when it comes to wrestling and the WWE Universe houses many fans around the world. The brand unites many cultures and serves them in an entertaining way to its audience. WWE’s relationship with Hip-Hop could be traced to the creation of the John Cena character. A character who raps and appeals to the Hip-Hop audience. WWE also did an all rap album which remixed superstar’s entrances titled ‘WWF : AGGRESSION’

How WWE Incorporated Hip-Hop In It's Programming

WWE also really loves rap battles and it was quick to include in it’s shows. It started with John Cena and almost centred around him. Only till this year when American rapper Wale came to smackdown to host a rap battle between two teams, The New Day and The Usos. Personally, the best rap battle that remains invincible in terms of crowd reaction and entertainment value is the battle between John Cena and Kurt Angle. This took place back in 2003. The battle is funny from the start and also the segment includes a random referee beatboxing. The segment ends like any WWE segments, a dude beating the shit out of the other dude.

Watch that rap battle here –

Hip-Hop west coast legend Snoop Dogg has made numerous appearances in WWE’s shows. Snoop Dogg became the first musician to be induced in the ‘WWE HALL OF FAME 2016’. Also throughout the show’s lifetime there have been a lot of Hip-Hop artists appearing as performers or even special general managers. Also the newest instalment of the game ‘WWE 2K17’ is special for Hip-Hop fans as Puff Daddy played a major role in shaping it’s playlist.

Check out Machine Gun Kelly’s performance at WWE Raw –