DNOAX – Be The Best (Teaser)

DNOAX (Desi No.1 Artistes X), one of India’s first and widely spread Hip-Hop groups formed 2007 is now back in action after re-inventing it self. With a major makeover bringing forth a definite blend of western with Desi and Indian Classical. Back after a hiatus with a banger of a music video “Be the Best”. Here’s the teaser of the music video soon coming to your TV screens. Turn on the 3D option at the bottom and watch it to feel the vibe. Currently it has 7 members on its roster and also a guest artist all the way from Norway. The members include Meghraj aka Megh-uh-Watt (Rapper) , Roll Rida aka Rahul Kumar (Rapper) , Monica ( Carnatic Vocals), Naresh Kumaran ( Hindustani Vocals) ,ACE aka Abhishek Dhusia (Rapper), Vamsi (Female Western Vocals) , Invincible P aka Pratik nigade (Rapper) , Shirish Zahir aka Fredrik Shirish Klingenberg ( Guest Rapper from Norway) . This time they are back with some real stuff and are here to stay!!