doc bladez at DMC LA DJ Battle 2012 !


On May 12th, doc bLAdez of the Five River Fundamentalists and Slumgods entered the Los Angeles DMC DJ Battle. It was one of the biggest and baddest DJ battles LA has seen in a while with some HEAVYWEIGHT DJs, including DJ Snayk Eyez, DJ Manwell (1st), DJ Etronik (2nd), DJ Image, DJ Turbulence, DJ C-Plus (3rd), E-Jay, DJ AS-1. It was also the USA Team Battles with Battlestar Massive (Virus, Cwitch, ImageFromTheWood, Rayted R) taking first and the Sleeprockers (Mr. Vibe, DJ Nocturnal, Rated R, Kwes the Bess) in a close second. Although bLAdez didn’t place he commented that, “It was an honor to be on stage with some of the sickest turntablists in the world. Besides, I did my thing and got respect, thats more than enough for me.” The competition was judged by turntable greats DJ P-Trix, DJ Total Eclipse, DJ Nando, DJ Swamp, Kid Dragon, and Jay Slim.