Djay Adx Paid Homage To His Late Friend Jaybee Shikari In “#JaanTohBaad”

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Last year, Desi hip-hop army lost another soldier. Jaybee Shikari from hip hop duo Nau Sau Bai, met with an accident when he was en-route to Delhi from Chandigarh. A great artist and an even greater human being was lost in a car crash. After a year’s time, his companion Djay Adx from Nau Sau Bai paid homage to him in #JaanTohBaad. In fact, Raftaar too paid homage to him last year in a track “Chill Raamix”.

Djay Adx #JaanTohBaad

The track starts with an intro that shows the past videos of them performing live and chilling in the studio sessions. Dilpreet Singh who goes by the name of The Grim has beautifully picturised the video. In fact, he brings back all the memories of Jaybee Shikari alive on the screen. The video has cameos of Kru172, G-Frekey, Pardhaan and MoJo from Desi Beam. These artists shared a good bond with Jaybee, that’s why they showed their love and affection for him in #JaanTohBaad. His presence is surely missed!

Brief About Nau Sau Bai

Djay Adx– He is a composer, music producer, and rapper and has been a part of the music industry for almost 9 years. As a matter of fact, he is a trained DJ learning from the best at Midnight Blues Camp. Furthermore, he is one of the first and foremost DJs to be certified by music equipment brand Pioneer from Japan. He is also a certified music production professional from Beatfactory Academy.

Djay Adx(Djay Adx)

Late Jaybee Shikari – He was a Punjabi rap artist. He was an ardent fan of underground Punjabi rap. As a matter of fact, during his teenage, he realised that he had the ability to write Punjabi lyrics and express his feelings through rap. His dedication made him move on from track to track, transitioning from underground to mainstream. 

Jaybee Shikari
(Late Jaybee Shikari)

Nau Sau Bai did a track called “Sher-E-Punjab” with Punjabi/Bollywood singer Mika Singh. On the other hand, they also did a track called “Nau Sau Bai Anthem”. This was the title track for Universal Music India’s Desi Hustle Album. They have also been featured on PTC Exclusive and PTC chat show First Look.

Significant lyrics from the track

“Sirra da malang si ga att da shikari,

Belliyan da pakka aadi rakhi daadi,

Munda siga tharan da shokeen,

Naal e naran da shokeen.”

In a conversation with Djay Adx, he told, “The track was made last year, 2 months after the accident, but I couldn’t get over the fact that he is no more. Until recently I didn’t have the courage to work on releasing this song but then I gathered my strength and September came, the ninth month, and I thought it would be great to launch the tribute on the 22nd to give my homage to “JayBee Nau Sau Bai” and let everyone know his story through my words about what a great guy he was!”

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