DJ HMD drops “WTF? It’s Bollywood?” on Dip Hop Music

DJ HMD drops his highly anticipated 8th album, “WTF? It’s Bollywood?” on Dip Hop Music!!  Dip Hop Music has consistently been spreading the ‘message’ through their music and raising awareness on real issues that affect the “Desi” community.  The lead video for this album, “Life”, draws on the theme of life vs death to paint a picture of how easily individuals can find themselves in deadly situations. It only takes a few bad decisions to become face to face with the grim reaper, especially if we live a lifestyle involving risks. It is an example of how the fast life can catch up with you when you least expect it. No matter what type of life you live, death is always just around the corner.  Check out “Life” ft. HMD & BattleKATT directed by Mani D!!

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