DIVINE’s Debut Album “Kohinoor” is now 20x Platinum Certified


DIVINE dropped his highly anticipated debut album “Kohinoor” in December 2019 and upon it’s release, it was received with massive support. Now 1.5 years later that support has taken the shape of multi-platinum certifications for him. DIVINE’s debut album is now 20x Platinum and the lead single “Chal Bombay” is now 30x Platinum certified in India.

Flexing his platinum plaques on Instagram, DIVINE wrote, “Living my dream. Big S/o to @universalmusicgroup @universalmusicindia for the honour. Also a big big s/o to every listener who made me who I am!! GOD first!!!”


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With these certifications, DIVINE has become the first multi-platinum Desi Hip Hop Artist, truly Kohinoor indeed (Kohinoor – which is considered as the the King of Diamonds).

The gold & platinum certifications in Indian Music Industry are very different from the usual Recording Industry Association of America certifications. In India, platinum album needs 30,000 album equivalent units sold. While, platinum single needs 1,20,000 track equivalent units sold. Calculating using these standards, Kohinoor has sold 6,00,000 album equivalent units and Chal Bombay has sold 36,00,000 track equivalent units. That’s some impressive numbers for a debut album. (Source : Indian Music Industry)

Revisit Kohinoor and Chal Bombay below.

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