DIVINE & Raja Kumari Team Up On Another Banger: ‘ROOTS’

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Music giant Sony Music, known for boosting the hip hop genre in India, released a new single by Divine feat. Raja Kumari called ‘Roots’. The collaboration is an expression of the artists’ evolution while keeping their roots in mind.

Roots Of Royalty

The power duo’s last collaboration City Slums was compelling and authentic with the fans wanting to hear more of them together. The song video has been shot in the Woods of Victoria, BC, Canada by Canadian director Shiraz Higgins. The song is also promising in a whole lot of senses. Divines verse brings his usual tone and presence setting the bars from the get go. Raja Kumari has talked about her roots in her own manner in the song. The beat was produced by Los Angeles based super-producer K-Major who has also worked with the likes of Usher, Future and many more. 

Adds DIVINE, “Roots is my origin, my soul, the centre of all that I do. Very happy to collaborate with Kumari, her bold voice and fearless personality fits into Roots effortlessly. Yeh gaana sun!.”

“ DIVINE and I co-wrote the lyrics and worked on this track together. This is very close to my heart, I love how it sounds and looks, waiting for you guys to hear it.” says Raja Kumari

Divine’s intense hook and fierce verse is a statement in itself along with Raja Kamari’s commanding rap , Roots will be another song by the duo that will definitely be added to your playlist! The sync with their collaborations are always on point and this is a glaring example of it. To many more!

Watch the video for “Roots” down below and let us know your thoughts!