Divine plants his flag in ‘One Side’

Divine is back! Well, he never left, but he’s back with a brand new banger titled “One Side”.

The man’s been grinding it out for the past number of years and is one of the artists that we’ve supported since the Hip Hop journey began. Undoubtedly, he has won hearts, minds, and crowds of hundreds of thousands in the past few years. With an ambition like Divine’s, it’s only his Divine right to reach the top.

“One Side” bears all the characteristics of a DIVINE song – hard hitting lyrics spit fast and furious, throwing shade at those who still don’t believe in him. Shot in an abandoned tobacco factory in Mumbai, the video features the rapper and his crew Gully Gang.

Lyrically, the man killed it. He portrayed his true self as an artist on the track and it paid off. For this record, Divine collabed with Toronto-based Desi artist & producer, Byg Byrd. Byg Byrd, by now, is one of the veterans in the Desi Hip Hop game; in fact, we’ve written so many articles about Byg Byrd’s music that the search results overflow!

With a banger like “One Side”, Divine planted his flag and it’s bound to get Divine fans excited for his upcoming releases.