Divine’s Junoon will give you Goosebumps

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Divine and the Gully Gang have taken over as the sound of the streets since 2014. His come up story is not only inspiring but is also a blueprint for many upcoming rappers.

One could even say that Divine & Naezy single-handedly added the much needed spark to revive the fire of Hip Hop in South Asia. From their humble beginnings in Andheri and Kurla, both the artists continue to break barriers and achieve new goals.

Watch Divine’s Junoon

The man’s been grinding it out for the past number of years and is one of the artists that we’ve supported since his Hip Hop journey began. Undoubtedly, he has won hearts, minds, and crowds of hundreds of thousands in the past few years. With an ambition like Divine’s, it’s only his Divine right to reach the top.

His latest single – Junoon – expresses his thoughts on his life. He goes into deep details about his come up, his family, and every thing else in between. The video was titled as “Junoon – (Intro)” which indicates that there’s a lot more coming soon.

Divine uses the word “Junoon” – which translates to ‘obsession’ – to express his obsession to Hip Hop. He uses the song to show what he craves, and what he’s dedicated to. And, one can derive that Divine’s dedication to Hip Hop is not to be contested upon.

As the industry grows and flourishes in South Asia, the world can truly start to enjoy the fruits of the labor by artists like Divine and everyone else involved in the scene.

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