Dhinchak Pooja VS Yo! Yo! Honey Singh In Bigg Boss 11? #MyVote


While everyone is missing Yo! Yo! Honey Singh, there are rumours that suggest his comeback. In fact, artists like Ikka, Guru Randhawa, Urvashi Rautela and others have said that he is working on an album and is planning his comeback soon. On the flip side, Dhinchak Pooja became the internet’s most loved and hated sensation recently. Pooja’s songs “Dilon Ka Shooter”, “Swag Wali Topi” etc. are infamously debated to be hip-hop. They’re not. In addition, she is one the most whack artists of all time. Stand-up comedians like Aadar Malik, Zakir Khan etc. have used her songs for their comic skits.

A recent news published on a few sites suggest that these two were approached by the team of Bigg Boss 11. In fact, Dhinchak Pooja was asked this question in an interview earlier. She agreed that she was approached but nothing was finalised back then. However, Yo! Yo! Honey Singh is the artist of the decade who literally changed the dimension of Desi music industry. Comparing these two artists is nowhere close to being ethical.

We don’t how true this news actually is because every year before the season actually airs, many predictions are made about the possible list of contestants. But for a moment, let’s just imagine that the news is true. Now, if they’re actually going to be on the show, who do you think is more deserving to be on Bigg Boss? Vote for your choice.

Who Is More Deserving To Be On Bigg Boss 11?

Watch “Brown Rang” by Yo! Yo! Honey Singh here:

Watch “Selfie Maine Leli Aaj” by Dhinchak Pooja here: