DHHTV – First App To Include Documentaries & Interviews As Part Of “Knowledge” Building In The Community!

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A lot of Hip-Hop related applications or music streaming apps in the country focus on pushing music towards an audience that is growing everyday. There is a need to educate this mass audience about the roots of the culture. How deep the knowledge base of Hip-Hop really goes is essential in community building and understanding. There is a great demand of songs, but not many know the history behind some or most of the artists of the culture.

Desi Hip Hop has launched the first ever application (available exclusively on the Google Play Store) that brings the entirety of Desi Hip-Hop culture right at your fingertips. DHHTV is a free video streaming application that allows people to search for artists based on their preference of sound under the DHH catalogue.

Knowledge – The Highest Element

DHH recognises that due to the increase in consumption of media (especially co-relating to Desi Hip-Hop) in the digital age, there is also a need to associate non-music factors into the app as well. What artists do beyond Hip-Hop also ties in to their artistry and who artists really are – are an integral part of the music they make. This is highlighted in the apps latest offering – a “Knowledge” section – dedicated to documentaries, infomercials, talk sessions, interviews and much more.

Explore the app across the Knowledge section and you will find many of the well-documented series based on different artists from across the diaspora of Desi Hip Hop. This is a collection of knowledge that will prove very useful to both artists and audiences in the long run. The art and artistes grow, and so do the audiences, and it is really handy to keep them informed about the artists that they follow as well.