DHH Review – Spitfire’s EP ‘Paathshala’ Is Poetry In Motion

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Hailing from one of the many small towns in Madhya Pradesh, Nitin Mishra would look like any other ordinary kid walking the streets. But the sheer volume of substance that moves in his head is something to be revered. Better known by his stage name “Spitfire” – this is an emcee that has evolved in the art of lyricism to the point that there is no other emcee in India that sounds like him. Mix that with his constant over-thinking, and we watch the young maestro at work.

And though “Paathshala” is a body of work with 4 tracks in the list, the concept and substance goes far beyond these tracks. To say very little and mean very much, that is an art that true emcees have honed and honored as tradition in the Hip-Hop culture. Paathshala is an open ended journey about truth. The purest form of it, the undying, the unbending, the crystal clear truth.

Stay In School

From the first track that starts off closer to spoken word sounds, you are transported to a vivid and sort of recognizable dimension. Spitfire starts the EP slow and eases his way into the complexities that are yet to be laid out to the listeners. The next song is the title track “Paathshala” which is an intricate story about how Spitfire saved Nitin Mishra.

This song expresses how Hip-Hop culture has shaped the man Nitin Mishra is today and this is a story of the gratitude he pays back to it. With amazing beat structures and sounds, NUKA and Rakhis have directed the music to flow like a river throughout the entirety of the EP. And we witness this characteristic from the get go.

The next track “Tum Jaano Na” is an ode to Spitfires personal struggles. The song announces his mastery of the craft and the pain that built him. It is an inspiring approach to reciprocate his feelings out in the world. The final track “Vartalap” has become a fan-favorite. This is also Spitfires favorite track off the EP too. Vartalap is the epitome of Spitfire’s abilities as an emcee. The intricacy, complexity and attitude of this song at the end is the final verdict of the EP. The truth shall prevail, everything else will be forgotten.

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iTunes : http://bit.ly/Paathshala_iTunes

JioSaavn : http://bit.ly/Paathshala_Saavn

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