DHH Freestyle Fridays – Shaikhspeare Drops Some Heavyweight Bars In ‘Maut’

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Bombay veteran emcee Shaikhspeare has been dropping projects since a long time ago. The vision that he upholds is one of unity and strength between his community. He also runs with thriving Hip-Hop collective “Bombay Lokal”, operating from out of Nalasopara, Mumbai. The crew has been spreading word and knowledge about Hip-Hop in their area and beyond.

The emcee is a hard spitter and also was (at a point in his career) an undefeated freestyle battle rap emcee. He has honed his skills and trained himself by immersing into the culture. So, it is safe to say that he is a force to be reckoned with in the Desi Hip-Hop game.

As we move onward on the DHH Freestyle Friday playlist, we reach Shaikhspeare coming in with some bars! This song is titled “Maut” and it is a warning shot to all the emcees to step their writing game up. Shaikh has meticulously crafted line after line on an instrumental produced by one of the most improving and upcoming producers “Shinji”. Shinji has laid the groundwork by providing beats to all of the emcees featured on the Bombay edition of Freestyle Fridays.

The Game Of Death

Shaikhspeare is an artist who is adept at both Hindi and English rap. His way with words is as observed on this track as it is on any other Hindi rap verse he has ever written or performed. With power-packed verses and a gory hook, Shaikhspeare has moulded this freestyle to a song of his own. As the verse keeps flowing on, the veteran goes on to prove that not only has he levelled up his pen game, but he has also become proficient in the way he can deliver these bars. Songwriting is a major element of what an emcee can put in to these bars, and Shaikh only goes to prove that when he converts this freestyle into a full on track.

As we keep this freestyle on check, it isnt a stretch to say that what is upcoming from Shaikh and the whole Bombay Lokal team is just about as mad as this. Shaikhspeare and the gang are known to promote Hip-Hop culture in Bombay within their vicinity and beyond. They also have projects stocked up in the pipeline with the Pune Hip-Hop Renaissance gang.

We caught up with Shaikhspeare about this latest drop and check out what he had to say;

“It was fun to work on this series, starting from getting the beat by Shinji to getting the track written and finally shooting the video. Initially when I got approached for putting a verse for the DHH Freestyle Friday series, I didn’t have anything in mind but when I heard the beat, I instantly knew I could make a hardcore Hindi track out of it.

 I wrote the track with the state of mind where I was going all out on hate-mongers and weak rappers. I have performed this track at several venues and people vibe to its hardcore theme. I’m content with being a part of a series that has both versatility and quality content and am pretty happy about the way the track turned out.”

Those are some heavy words coming from a heavyweight emcee – check out his bars down below and don’t forget to share and subscribe!

Naam Mera Shaikh, par na mai Arbi/ Mere Nishane pe ye dhongi Mulleh aur ye Sanghi// Simayon se simit nahi, meri puri dharti/ Third world jehanum, veerane me hai ghar bhi//


This is Shaikhspeare with “Maut” on this edition of Freestyle Fridays!