#DHH Exclusive – Young Bone And Big H Bring Karachi Heat On New Joint

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Pakistani rappers Young Bone and Big H are slaying the Desi Hip Hop scene in their country. We recently released YB’s track “Keera Katey” exclusively and within such a short time the rapper has already worked on his next track. Young Bone and Big H joined forces to create “Big and Bone”, set to take hip hop listeners back to the roots.


“Big and Bone” is raw and gritty to the core packed with witty punchlines and old school rhyme schemes. Both the emcees went ham on the old school beat flexing to the fullest. The track does not have any concept or special message behind it. This time Young and Big decided to go the old school way with in-your-face kinda lyricism.

Talking about the track Young Bone stated, “We made this track because we’ve been planning a gritty track for a long time and as we see that every other track is either trap or edm-ish, we wanted to be the ones to take it back to the roots for this track. simple, raw and gritty!

Keera Katey 3

In an earlier interview YB opened up about his views on the current hip hop scene in Pakistan. He stated, “Hiphop in Pakistan has such potential that if polished and supported it can do wonders! South Asia is gradually maturing in Hip Hop with artists from India and Bangladesh bringing in different styles and vibes! Its pretty exciting, I can see a future with hip hop here becoming the powerhouse genre though there’s still a lot of awareness to be made and a lot of adjustment needed to the audience’s taste.

Watch “Big and Bone” by Big H and Young Bone here –