#DHH Exclusive – WWE Rapper Ali Kaz Drops “Saare Sannu Janday”!

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Like we previously mentioned, a triple threat collaboration of WWE emcee Ali Kaz, Sheraki and Fly High was on its way. And as promised, the track is here and it is flying beyond expectations! A collaboration between some of the most distinctive voices in the Desi Hip-Hop universe is always a promising opportunity for success. And “Saare Sannu Janday” is looking out to be one such collaboration.

Stream “Saare Sannu Janday” Here!

Deadly Combination

Ali Kaz is one of the first Hip-Hop artists of Desi origins to feature on WWE. He broke through all odds and shined bright when his song “Sher” was chosen as the theme song for WWE Superstar “Jinder Mahal” on Monday Night Raw! Sheraki and Fly High are also two well known names associated with UK based record label – “Beyond Records”.¬†They previously worked together to create the hit single “Bass Wajay Loud”. Which gained massive reach, over 800,000 hits on YouTube.

After a successful pre-order run, the trio released the songs. And they have been garnering mass attention and appeal since then. This is also an example of what great collaborations can mean to the music. We’re just patiently waiting for them to put out a full blown music video and that’ll be a great look!

Check out the full lyrics video for “Saare Sannu Janday” by Ali Kaz, Sheraki and Fly High right here right now. Also, do let us know what you think about the track and don’t forget to share it with your squad! 2018 off to a great start!

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