DHH Exclusive – StreetFood Music Announces Album Uposonghar Noy (Infirmus)


Kolkata duo Cizzy and Joe aka Streetfood Music have announced their debut album “Uposonghar Noy (Infirmus)” in association with DesiHipHop.com. Being one of the pioneers of hip-hop music in Kolkata, this album is bound to move the crowd. The multi-lingual album caters to the Bengali audience more. Thus opening doors to Bengali rap for folks across the globe.


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“Uposonghar Noy” means ‘inconclusive’ while “Infirmus” is Latin for the same. When asked about the reason behind choosing this as album name, Cizzy mentioned, “Uposonghar means ‘Moral of the story’ and Noy means either ‘9 (nine)’ or ‘Not’. We have 8 tracks in the album, the 9th song was supposed to be the moral of the story, which is absent, hence ‘Uposonghar Noy’.” There’s a deeper meaning to just the album name, imagine what content it holds!

Uposonghar Noy (Infirmus)

Streetfood Music stated, “The album is a story of a journey, which starts with the story tellers and the city of joy itself. They depict a lost person as the central character. As the album propagates, the songs time jump between some important phases of this person’s life. The album gives the listeners the freedom to fill in the blanks according to their own experiences in life, so the story may vary with perspectives.

As the album reaches its end, the story of the dawn marks a new journey, Which brings us back to the first song, just as if a loop has been reset. That is why the album couldn’t fetch any conclusions and hence the name,” Streetfood Music further added. The album has no features, while the whole production is done by StreetFood Music themselves.

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Cizzy and Joe are also a part of the Hip-Hop collective named The Cypher Projekt. The Cypher Projekt  was initially formed by a group of rappers from Kolkata, who used to jam together every Sunday. These jamming sessions gave them the idea to make good music, as they know it, and spread it around their city. Hence they formed, “The Cypher Projekt”.

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