#DHH Exclusive – “Shuruaat Remix” OUT NOW | Interview With San Cha And Olvin

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Two of North’s finest Desi Hip Hop artists have joined forces for a fresh remix. After creating buzz with his single “Shuruaat”, Olvin set a benchmark for himself as an artist. Sancha on the other hand is respected for the work he does to promote the scene since a long time. Both the artists have come together and present you with “Shuruaat Remix”, exclusively distributed by DesiHipHop.com!

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Sankalp Chaturvedi aka San Cha is a Delhi-based hip-hop artist who has been in the game for 4 years. His interest in music developed because of his parents who were avid listeners of good music. His childhood dream was to be a DJ or a Guitarist. So after giving his 10th grade exams, his paternal aunt gifted him a guitar. Regular practice helped him develop the love for music and western influences dragged him in what is now popularly known as the “Hip-Hop Scene”.

San cha Tattoo

(San Cha)

On the other hand, Rishab is a simple boy who is living an ordinary life. Persuing M.Com, going to college, chilling with friends etc. But when we talk about Olvin, he observes everything, thinks deeply and sticks to his tasks/goals. It’s quite difficult yet enjoyable playing both characters in real life. It’s been more than 5 years since he stepped into the scene. Due to some harsh incidences in 2011-12 Rishab became Olvin.



Recently, San Cha did a remix of Olvin’s 2015 release track “Shuruaat”. The track is being distributed by DesiHipHop.com. Also, Romi Kahlon has designed the banner for “Shuruaat Remix.” In context with “Shuruaat”, Olvin stated, “One day I was making a beat which was my regular habit. So I made Shuruaat’s beat I was in love with the piano chords and those drums. Overall, that vibe of the beat was so positive, it made me feel like its just the beginning as in “Abhi Toh Shuruaat Hai”. Shuruaat is for everyone who has a dream of making it big. Just keep in mind that you have to work hard every minute of your life. It’s just the starting of your hard work.”

Olvin and San cha

Olvin also talked about being known as one of the finest Hindi rappers in the scene. “Truly speaking, it feels so motivated when youngsters look up to you, your writing skills, your style of rapping etc. I don’t think so there is that much pressure but yes! There is a kind of responsibility if you have achieved some designation where youngsters are looking up to you. I hope I’ll serve my work with 100% dedication for my entire life,” he stated.

San Cha Olvin Shuruwat Remix

Siginficant lyrics from the track

“Aankhon mein sharam thi na isliye pakdi gardan thi na,

Auron ke bistaron pe leti dekhi dhadkan thi na,

Bhoolunga tujhe na kuch aisi khai kasam thi na,

Likh kar tujhe panno pe kitabon mein ab dafan kiya.”

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We, at, DesiHipHop.com sat for a chat with these two rappers and this is how the whole conversation went –

It’s been a long time since you haven’t released any tracks? Where are San Cha and Olvin these days?

Olvin– I’m working on my solo tracks as well as on an EP too. In the coming days, my fans will witness some good quantity of music with quality!

Olvin & San Cha

San Cha- In working mode, bro! I’ve been working on an EP & an album. It has been a long time since I have dropped original music. In fact, I’ll be delivering original music only from now onward because I’m changing my approach towards music as a business.

How did Shuruaat Remix take place? Who approached whom?

Olvin Shuruaat (Original) got such a positive feedback that in Saavn it marked 1 lakh + stream. Many artists liked the track too. First was MoJo (DesiBeam) who asked me for the remix of it. So we came up with “Shuruwaat Remix” in which my verse was fresh too. A few months back, When San Cha met me in Chandigarh, he told me how much he loved Shuruaat. So we came up with another remix and I hope you’ll love our efforts. San Cha’s aggression and my laid-back style is the best combo one can ever get.

Olvin & San Cha

(Olvin And San Cha With Harry Cheema)

San Cha- It was me who approached Olvin. “Shuruaat” was the track which introduced Olvin as an artist to me. I’m a story-teller and there was something about this track which forced me to love this vibe so much. Luckily, I met Olvin in Mohali, Punjab around January and a personal bond emerged. He was kind enough to accept my request of remixing this beautiful track – “Shuruaat”.

What is the main thought behind “Shuruaat Remix”? How can people relate to it?

San Cha – As the name suggests, “Shuruaat” translates to “the beginning”. For me in this case, it was letting go of the past. I’ve talked about how things have been bothering me but killing a person who easily used to trust anyone was important. On the other hand, Olvin talks about how a college-going guy hustles for survival while fighting with the norms of the society. People can relate to it at many levels.

San Cha

What’s the best thing about “Shuruaat Remix”?

San Cha and Olvin- For us, its an emotion composed with a thought. It’s so dulcet that it sticks in your ears after a single listen. Being a part of the remix is a blessing as well.


Share your experience working with each other?

Olvin –  I have a little reserved type of personality. I don’t open up easily. That’s why I don’t work with many other artists. Except for Hardy, there is no one else with whom you can expect my work to come out in great quantity and quality. But when Sandeep from DesiHipHop.com introduced San Cha to me, from day one we both had some positive connections. We can talk for hours about anything. We’ve got such a healthy vibe. San Cha is one of the most hardworking and innovative artists. His lyricism is unique and I’m sure he’ll be great one day. Best wishes to my homie!

Olvin & San Cha


San Cha – His work reached out to me before he did. He is one of my closest people in the music scene and I love him a lot. I share a brotherly bond with him and my level of respect for him as an artist is sky-high. This guy may seem like a regular laid-back/story-telling artist to you but he is a beast. We work with the same approach of building a productive future instead of living with envy. All in all, this track gave me a brother which is more important to me.