DHH Exclusive – Pak-Man Ropes In Guru Lahori For “Proper Credit (Remix)”

Rapper Pak-Man made a strong comeback with his track “Proper Credit” only recently. DesiHipHop.com had hinted earlier that the rapper is working on a remix with one of the hottest Desi rappers in the scene – Guru Lahori. The wait is finally over! Official remix of “Proper Credit” featuring Guru Lahori will be out sooner than you think. It’s surely an exciting time for Desi Hip Hop lovers as amazing music is being put out by some of the best artists in the game.

pakman proper creditPak-Man presents “Proper Credit Remix” ft. Guru Lahori

After dropping some bangers in recent years, Pak-Man took a break from music so that he could come back in a major fashion. Currently, in Atlanta – he’s been grinding it out to make new music among the Migos and the Sonny Digitals of the world. Pak-Man has a unique flow that we can’t get enough of. He first got widely recognised after appearing in the Team Back Pack Cypher. He followed that up with numerous releases with that unique flow.

The original version of “Proper Credit” had our head bobbin like never before. It is definitely the new and improved Pak-Man 2.0. His ability to tell stories has also jumped to a new level. The man’s had numerous life experiences that he expresses eloquently through his verses – and he’s done just that with the track. Guru Lahori also has brought in his unique Punjabi flavour to the remix. Their vocals work like a charm on the beat produced by Dystinkt Beats. Music video for the remix has been directed by GTF Films and Hook K-Major.

“Proper Credit (Remix)” is all set to release on October 10th, 2017. The hype is real! Stay tuned with DesiHipHop.com for further updates.