DHH EXCLUSIVE – MC Altaf, Loka & Nasty Ninja Team Up For Latest Hit “Lambo”!

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Mumbai Hip-Hop veteran Nasty Ninja is all set to make a much awaited comeback with a full body of work. Nasty Ninja aka Sumeet Suvarna is an OG in the hip-hop scene who has been consistently active with his music and video releases throughout 2018 and 2019, and he’s now back with his latest single – “Lambo” featuring the deadly duo Loka and MC Altaf.

Nasty Ninja is also amping up to launch his upcoming mixtape – “That Kid Nasty”.

Watch LAMBO – by Nasty Ninja ft Loka & MC Altaf


MC Altaf and Loka have previously collaborated in three tracks. All of them being a smash hit in the underground and massy circles. The collab with Ninja – LAMBO – promises to be another beast entirely. These young talents featuring on the lead single of Nasty Ninja’s track is produced by Mad Plug and Crazy Vibe.

The video is exclusively available everywhere and on the Desi Hip Hop app, and is solely distributed by DHH. DHH and Ninja have been in the game with over a decade and this move marks a collaboration like never before.this might just start a spark that’s mutual for the longer run.The track is produced by Mad Plug and Crazy vibe and both these talents are well known to produce hits and bangers and nothing else. This also marks their 1st ever collaboration. The Video is shot and edited by Dropoutstudios and is supported by Slim Jim India and beverage partners Red Bull India.


When we asked Ninja what made the feature happen. He said “The track was ready for my next mixtape, I happened to play the song for Loka during a jam, he loved the vibe and said he would love to hop on it and when I played the song for MC Altaf he said the same thing. And it was a mutual vibe and rest is history and here we are… we are now ready to zip through with this single and my upcoming mix tape that is dropping soon.” 

Stick around because things are about to get Nasty. Hardik Dave, CEO of Desi Hip Hop, says “Ninja is a veteran and Loka and Altaf need to introductions. When I heard all three were on a project, I was sold before I even heard.”