DHH Exclusive: Jinn Music Drops Socially Conscious Raps On “Samachaar”!


Straight outta New Delhi, representing the Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective – MC Jinn has geared up to talk about the issues that matter in society. The soundtrack to the song is made by none other that Sun J himself and the vocals do justice to the beat completely. “Samachaar” sets the tone of whatever is going on in society nowadays. It also details and outlines the negativity that we are being accustomed to on a daily basis. It also tells us of the lack of proactive approach from the government. And the negligence from their side to the issues that plague our day to day life.

Daily News

Jinn talks about a lot of these issues in a rage-filled track in an attempt to make people aware. And he also tells them to raise their voice against the corrupt system and the people in charge.  The track name “Samachaar” is a fitting metaphor for the track itself. The way Jinn Music has depicted the issues within our society is one to look at. He has enlisted in detail a lot of things that we do know and choose to ignore alongwith the fact that nobody ever really does anything about them. This includes the politicians and the media and the general layman public too.

And as if the song and the music weren’t enough, he has added to it an amazingly creative video. The video depicts him being both the news reporter on TV and him being an on-ground reporter. It is a classic way of depicting the issues that run through the streets. Watch the full video for “Samachaar” by Jinn Music, produced by Sun J, below and don’t forget to share the video!