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DHH Exclusive Interview : Rocky Gorkhali, “I am a one man army”

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ROCKY GORKHALI is the very first Hindi rapper out of North East. This one man army is a powerhouse and writes, produces, shoots and edits his own work. His roots are in Darjeeling but he picked up the art form in the central state Chhattisgarh. He is currently stirring the scene up in Pune and is one the OG’s representing North East India and has a rather exquisite blend of old school and new school elements in his music, that combined with a laid back flow is sure to get the listeners head bumping.

He just dropped his single ‘Hitman’ and we caught up with him to learn more about the release. Have a read below

DHH: Interesting title of the track, could you elaborate more on that?

ROCKY: “HITMAN” Basically revolves around the theme of getting the job done professionally along and having the  insight of a character who is influenced by past events that made him perfect but unacceptable at same point somewhat like a contract killer.
 DHH: What is the record about and what are you talking about on it ?
ROCKY: Basically on this record I am talking more about my come up from my past struggles and experiences. I am
also targeting people who turned their back on me.  I am shedding light on the betrayal from folks who actually followed my footsteps and reached a certain platform by leeching my knowledge and then forgot about me. I mean that is the most messed up thing you can expect from a close one and it also made me realize that I am better on my own and I can get the whole job done myself, I am a one man army.
By the way, this track is 2 years old and I originally wrote it to a different beat by Lanee Tunes and stacked it but later I pushed this composition to another beat which did the justice to the vibe. A shout out to my boy ODObangs he mixed and mastered it real fast.
DHH: The video is a vibe in itself, tell us a little about that.
ROCKY: I linked up with this youngster in Pune, Sandeep Gurung from Tamu Studio. They knocked out the video out with their team on my terrace and the visuals came out super tight. People have always liked my videos and that’s what makes me happy. I appreciate it when people see the creativity and talent in the content and not just the likes and views. Teamwork makes the dream work but I am a Gorkhali soulja and do it like a one man army…… FACTS.
DHH: Being a solo artist is a process in itself isn’t it ?
ROCKY: Yes it is. Just like this track, it is a dolo vibe. It will always remind me to remain authentic and that I got to boost myself for putting in more work for this rap shit. I have been in this zone for quite some time, I mean sometimes situations can take control of you but sometimes you gotta be the one to control the situation. Knowing your worth and hitting the goals right is very important to me and that is what I have tried to show in the track.
DHH: What have you been up to lately?
ROCKY: I have been grinding on the low, freelancing as a graphic designer and been doing more shows in Pune and Hyderabad promoting my unreleased work. I am currently stacking a whole bunch of records and collaborations with fresh emcees from my hometown Kalimpong and Darjeeling. I also got a whole project with Kalimpong based producer Lanee Tunes and Mumbais very own Nasty Ninja, we already have the whole project bodied but are yet to name it. I am currently scripting and story boarding for my upcoming music videos.
DHH: What to expect in the future?
ROCKY: The future is here!!
Connect with the Artist- ROCKY GORKHALI
Watch the video for HITMAN right here