#DHH Exclusive Interview – Jaw And Jass Recollect Making Of “Fake You”

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Delhi based rapper Akash Tripathi aka Jaw established a name for himself from the battle scene. Not just that, Akash who was known by the moniker of Jaw Dropper earlier has killed many cypher sessions as well. He’s been representing his city Delhi and hometown Siliguri to the fullest.

“Fake You” by Jaw is a raw gritty bars on bars track written in Hinglish. “Fake You” is produced by Jass, who has also induced some Reggaeton into the joint making his debut as a producer in the Desi Hip Hop scene with this release. Directed by The Last Scene, music video for “Fake You” has lots of VFX making it more engaging and visually appealing.

Jaw and Jass’s meeting also has an interesting story behind it. Jaw stated, “After the release of Audible Brain the EP with RXGE I kinda went silent because of my hectic job. But thanks to that I met Jass at my workplace and the bond just grew. He being an amazing producer never put anything out until now. He too was caught up with a lot of things. One fine day he hit me up with a beat I vibed with it and here we are!

Watch “Fake You” by Jaw and Jass here –

DesiHipHop.com interviewed the duo to know more about their journey behind this music video.

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How did your interest in Hip Hop music spark?

Jaw – Many don’t believe this but Siliguri is internally affected by a lot of drug abuse. I had people in my circle who dealt with it. I have witnessed my friends going to rehab and even behind the bars. This eventually went out of control. After I lost a couple of my friends to addiction I was devastated! But rap music was always there for me since the 6th grade. I was, am and will always be a big fan of 50 cent. His music is the one which got me out of that phase and motivated me to write my frustration out, and rest is history.

What was the process behind making “Fake You”?

Jaw – The process of making Fake You was not pre-planned. Jass sent me a beat which made me come up with this idea. There are a lot of lies being told in songs these days and I had to address it.

Jass – It was a random day with no intention of making music but I had a melody in my head that I traced down the same day, which came out to be an essential part of this track. The very next day I layered it with my custom made drum loop and sent that to Jaw. He showed interest so I got serious about it. After we recorded the vocals, I started working on the mix. I ended up changing every single element of the track except the piano sound. Also I introduced moombahton feel to it cause I love experimenting. So yeah! After mixing the whole project, I mastered it and jaw named it FAKE YOU and here it is now. All yours!

Is there more work in the pipeline from you two guys?

Jaw – Oh yes! We have just started and we have a lot of projects pending. I just vibe with the music Jass makes and you’ll be seeing a lot of Jaw and Jass in the scene now.

#DHH Exclusive – Jaw Finds His Zone In “Fake You” Introducing Jass

“Fake You” is your debut into the hip hop scene, how do you feel and what’s your plans for the future?

Jass – It’s pretty difficult to manage to learn something when you have to do a nine hours shift. So I had to compromise with my sleep to practice. It’s been three years now that I am doing this. I’m highly inspired by Lil Wayne, Kanye, Deadmou5, Skrillex and myself. They all are versatile, they all work for self satisfaction before money, they all are honest. So no such plans for the future, just want to make my present good.

Any message for our readers?

Jaw – I am what I am just because of my listeners. Their support motivates me to work harder and come up with better music. Love and respect for everyone! Peace!

Jass – If you are reading this you are too late! If you have passion then just learn and practice, never complaint, never hesitate to question anyone, lose your shame and go bonkers. I am up for any suggestion about music. Peace and spread love!