DHH Exclusive interview with BIR. “Exciting times lie ahead”

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BIR was maybe one of the first Punjabi rappers I ever came across. I remember taking a cab for going to a friends place and the driver was listening to his track, “Paisa Bolda” and rapping it word for word. He has been a force to be dealt with in the Punjabi Hip-Hop scene for more than a decade and seems like he is going to be around for at least another.

I absolutely had to catch up with the dude when he was in NY and we shared quite the conversation. He just dropped the track, ‘Dreams’ sometime ago and if you have followed Desi Hip-Hop since 2008 then you would know how reminiscent that track was.

Eternal Flows

BIR is always mentioned in conversations revolving around story-telling in the Desi scene. We spoke about his latest release, his relationship with the late homie JB and what lies ahead, Have a look at how it went :

SLYCK: What has BIR been upto ? How has the US been treating you ?

BIR:I have just been living life, finding my purpose, reading, learning and been making lots of music. US been treating me right, showing me the right ways to hustle and better results with rewards. I like it out here but there ain’t nothing like them New Delhi streets.

SLYCK: I knew JB from back in the day but I did not know you guys were from the same school. Tell us a little about those times ?

BIR: Yeah JB and me, we went to the same school. I was just getting into the rap game and one of my good friends Guneet Sarang told me about JB who was his classmate. That time JB was getting into Rap as well. So after that we linked up and nothing was same after that. But unfortunately we lost them both. So R.I.P to my brothers.

SLYCK: The track and the video is straight fire and it is very evident that you are reminiscing those good old times. What got you to collect your thoughts and put it out as, ‘Dreams’ ?

BIR: Appreciate the love. Completely reminiscing the old days. The track “Dreams” was long time coming. While I was working on my mixtape “Dreams” was the final track I recorded. For this track, I wanted to put out the facts. I wanted to document the journey from where I started also wanted to pay homage to brother. While i was writing the track, I let my thoughts and emotions take the lead. In first verse I am talking about the dreams I envisioned when I was a 16 year old. Which are evident through the lines like, “Award show naam niche hove seat te, te rap edaan jidaan Dr Dre hove beat te”. Also i wanted to put out unfiltered and real music before I move towards more commercial side. Where I say “Kalam Te Kitaab karan challaan pesh, Ehto pehla kada album, man I gotta get my shit straight”.

Second verse I wanted to dedicate it to JB. But I felt it was important to let the story out about how all we met. I believe this story is not out like that. Everybody knows how Raftaar, Ikka, and Lil Golu were affiliated with Honey Singh. But nobody knows that before that we all were a group for short period of time and performed couple of times together at different clubs. It was 2008 not long after JB and me met. We formed a group with other members called D Souljaz. D Souljaz included, B.I.R, JB, O Pozitive, Magic Eleven, Nifty, Dj ADX and King P. King P knew Ikka, Raftaar, and Lil Golu. This made all come together and Desi Hip Hop was on the verge to become bigger than ever.

Starting the verse with the this story, I went towards dedicating it to JB and whatever I am rapping is straight facts. If it wasn’t for JB I would probably never get into music like this. It still breaks my heart that JB is no longer with us. Whats sad was just before he died we spoke on the phone just a week ago and we were planning to work on lots of music together but I hope he is doing Khule Kharche in heaven and looking out for us from above.

SLYCK: I feel that you are one of the few story tellers that we have left, do you think story telling is now declining in modern age hip-hop anymore or am I wrong ?

BIR: I appreciate that. I disagree, Storytelling has been one of the pillars of Hip Hop since its birth. It is still one. If we look at storytelling only from a point of view of Indian or Desi Hip Hop market, I would say that there are some amazing rappers or storytellers out there, but I believe no one has come up or blown up just by spitting real shit or storytelling. Storytelling is a aspect of Rap and Hip Hop but in Indian market to blow up or to be known to general listeners you have to do commercial music to be known as household artist. Just being a storyteller and getting up there is hard but its definitely not something can not be done.

SLYCK: When are you dropping new music and tell us a little about your upcoming collaborations if any ?

BIR: I have planned so much music after my mixtape. This mixtape was just a warm up and I could say this can be my gateway to move further in music career without the guilt or feeling that I have compromised my art. 2019 will be full of official singles and music videos. And about my upcoming collaborations i would say you will witness some real music and I am working with some greats names who share similar music taste as me. Keep an eye out for that.

SLYCK: Any message for your fans ?

BIR: For my fans, I love all y’all for holding it down for ya boy. Much respect and love who been rocking with me since day one. Exciting times and lots of new music is coming your way. And i look forward to growing the fam with upcoming tracks.

Have a look at, “Dreams” the video right here and let us know your thoughts in the comments: