DHH Exclusive: Desi Boome Talks Industry and Hip-Hop Movement

Desi Boome is a fresh talent from Paris who is making waves in the U.K. We are impressed with his talent and caught up with the artist to find out moe about his music and thoughts on the industry. Check out our exclusive interview.

DHH: With so much to discuss, let’s start with Paris. The city of love and fashion has harbored a passion for Hip-Hop in you! Explain to us how that happened.
Desi Boome: To start, every big city has their suburbs, they have their good and bad sides, I live in Parisian suburb and like you know, there is an urban culture, we follow the trends. I grew up around the Hip-Hop movement and in a family where two of my brothers pen French rap; actually one of my brothers is rapping behind me, lol. I did French rap, but knowing that in France we never brought a touch of Desi in this kind of music, I wanted to innovate a new genre to differentiate myself as a Desi rapper. I created a different concept by introducing myself at the first Punjabi French rapper in Paris.

DHH: Is there a group of friends you have in France that share the same musical passions as you?
Desi Boome: Effectively the people around me like my friends and my family follow and share my passion.

DHH: Is there a thriving Desi music scene in France? We have met you and know Abbas Hasan and Sat Singh are two other acts for your neck of the woods.
Desi Boome: It’s under development, the Desi culture develops with difficulty so I decided to innovate my music in order to bring the culture that spreads in England in France. We know that the main crowd is in the UK.

DHH: What made you decide to take your love for Hip-Hop to a public and widespread platform?
Desi Boome: It’s simple, I would love to represent the French Desi community.

DHH: We caught footage of you in London this summer. How was that trip?
Desi Boome: It was awesome and amazing!! I met people who allowed me to perform and advised me about my music and my business plans. I did radio, TV shows and some melas alongside big industry names.

DHH: We are sure you met quite a few people from the industry. Who are some of the current artists you respect?
Desi Boome: RESPECT to my man Shizzio, Kami K, Metz & Trix some guys from Manchester : The Xplosiv Family who met and help me, these guys gave me importance and respect too. Big up to the Burban Army.

DHH: Let’s talk more about you. How would you describe your music and “Desi Hip-Hop.”
Desi Boome: It’s all about our Desi things… India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh… our Desi countries. I’m Makin’ all types of Music. I’m Trying to made some different concepts which can differentiate me than other rappers.

DHH: Do you see an expanding talent pool in this scene or a lot of acts with no substance?
Desi Boome: Music is not only a passion but when we talk about the industry, it revolves around business so I think that if there is person became known we necessarily do the maximum for that person to break in this game.

DHH: You are in the early stages of your career, tell us about your name “Desi Boome.” Where did that come from?
Desi Boome: “Desi” to represent my cultures and my origins, “Boome” to boom in your bass ! Lol, no I’m joking this name was given to me from my friends who came from Africa. One of them is not here today, so to mark his memory I’ve done it. Rest In Peace Brother!

DHH: Who inspires you?
Desi Boome: All Good Things from Hip Hop Sides like Tupac Shakur, French Rap To World Music like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Lata Mangeshkar.

DHH: We love your “Like a G6” remix. What other releases do you have?
Desi Boome: I’ve already released my first video clip “Assi Desi” available everywhere, on your website too and my first track “Ik Vaar” is available on Youtube.


DHH: Do you feel a sense of brotherhood on the scene which will lead you to release collaborations?
Desi Boome: Yes, the feeling between me, the public and artists doing good things lead me to choose and to release my collaborations.

DHH: Which Desi acts would you like to collaborate with? How about a dream mainstream Hip-Hop collab?
Desi Boome: On The Desi scene I would love to collaborate with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and on the Hip Hop mainstream with Eminem.

DHH: What releases can we expect next?
Desi Boome: Some big tunes with big producers, but I’m keeping it a surprise.

DHH: Do you have any more trips planned? Perhaps one to the States!
Desi Boome: Actually it’s all about U.K. Maybe I’ll going to the States, who knows ? Perhaps I’ve already been there!

DHH: Do you have a final note you would like to end on?
Desi Boome: Yes, I’m trying to spread some messages, some good vibes & music to all, respect to people which support and given me their love. You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter.