Blue Chip’s Joe Alam Flexes in 4 In The Morning


US bred Desi Joe Alam is back with another flex drop “4 In The Morning”. The rapper previously released a cover version of Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble”. Being brought up in the American lifestyle, Joe’s music reflects his surroundings.

Alam’s association with Blue Chip goes way back. As a matter of fact, team Blue Chip has collaborated with DesiHipHop for tracks like “NeVa Stop”, “Na Darr” and “Boss’D Up”. “4 In The Morning” sees the rapper talking about his extravagant way of life with women, liquor and weed being the centre of attention. Flexing in hip hop goes a long way back and that seems to be Joe Alam’s forte. The rapper does not miss to add clever punches and play with his flow over the groovy new school beat.

Video for the song is directed by Peter Parkkerr. The track begins with scenic shots of the city coupled with shots of Joe and his posse hanging out. Playing snooker, smoking up and chilling the video sees him in his zone spitting rhymes. Take a look at the video and tell us, do you like what you see?

Watch “4 In The Morning” By Joe Alam Here –