DHH Exclusive – Big Deal Shows Two Sides Of The System In ‘Udne Do’

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Rapper Big Deal has released his latest track ‘Udne Do’ exclusively with Desi Hip Hop. The track basically talks about the police brutality that common people often face. However, he chose to give a twist to the song by actually showing the other side of cops, which people usually don’t talk about.

We have heard various raps in the past by rappers like Blaaze and Chamillionaire who came up with tracks like ‘Ban The Crooked Police’ and ‘Hip Hop Police’ respectively in which they can be seen dissing the cops and highlighting their wrongdoings. For the first time, Big Deal came up with a track which portrays not just the negative things done by the police but also highlights the positive things they do.

Produced, composed and written by Big Deal, the very talented rapper can be seen rapping in English as well as Hindi with hard-hitting punches. Apart from rapping, Big Deal can also be seen showing some marvellous acting skills. This song is really enlightening and gives away a good message that not all policemen are corrupted and bad. Those brave-hearts who died protecting the people during the Mumbai 26/11 attack, are a great example proving this message to be absolutely true. Tuhin Goswami added more value to the track with his brilliant singing.

We at Desi Hip Hop got an opportunity to talk to Big Deal regarding this song. Here’s what he told us exclusively, “Well, it was exciting and tiring at the same time. There were so many torture scenes in the video that I had to act for. So, there were times when I actually got hit and was hurt during the shoot. I was bruised all over with black and blue marks on my body after the shoot was done. It was almost as if I was tortured for real!

But, at the end of the day, it was well worth it. We managed to pull off such a big production all by ourselves. Big ups to my team behind it, too many people to name but everyone played an important role in making this happen,” he concluded.

Go ahead and check the music video here. Do let us know what you feel about it!