DHH Album Reviews – Tienas’ “O” Boasts His True Potential & Much More!

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Storming through the scene, Azadi Records’ latest offering comes through Bombay based emcee Tienas. And this effort goes a long, long way. Tienas is an english Emcee and on his debut album “O” – he has crushed the competition boasting extraordinary talent and musical experience.

Few emcees have the ability to process music into language. Tienas has stepped way out of his comfort zone and put forth an album that is on a class of its own.


Starting off with the powerful “Cyclone” featuring fellow Azadi Record spearhead Prabh Deep and Shiloh Dynasty – the album kicks off to s strong start. Slipping immediately to a mellow, Lo-Fi vibe with “Dangerous” & “Flowers From An Old Manor” (featuring Quest).


The songwriting on “Backseat & Nice Guy” keeps the flow of the whole experience on a tight edge. Cutting through to the next part of the album, a Seedhe Maut collaboration in the interlude adding their signature styles.

The next 3 songs – “10-18”, “Juju” & “Die Romeo Die” have become instant favorites to a majoritt of listeners. “Die Romeo Die” is a song that is a classic benchmark on musical levels. This song and “Lanos” are momentum shifts in the world of “O”. “Of Kings & Queens Approximately” & the “FTS Outro” ensure that the album ends at a crossroads. Defining the next direction that Tienas needs to take while also making sure that the album is missed already.

Stream Tienas’ debut album “O” on the link here -> http://lnk.to/Tienas-O