Dharavi United To Make India Great Again With This Unique Cypher

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First things first, Dharavi United is a rap super group consisting of four different rap crews from the Dharavi area. In Mumbai, hip hop has exploded in a big manner. Now, Dharavi is the region where the largest number of hiphop crews reside. It’s kind of like a generational thing. The previous generation has set the tone for the next generation of musical talents coming out of DHV.

The Dharavi United super group consists of Dopeadelicz, Enimiez, 7Bantaiz and 5Dogz crews. With an upswing of hip hop music around the region, it’s only right that the most number of crews come together and unite to build together an alliance that will help all of them grow as one. The motto of Dharavi United crew is “Collaboration is better than Competition”. The fact they choose this as a tag line itself shows their humility to watch their art forms.

Hip-Hop Heads Unite!

The whole crew also endorses a fairly recent yet highly growing clothing brand called “Urban Monkey”. Urban Monkey is now known as one of India’s leading snapback suppliers. They also make skateboard decks, and supply skateboard accessories. They recently have also started their own line of backpacks, and these are some high quality apparel and accessories that we see on their website.

A couple days ago, on Republic Day, the Dharavi United crew and urban monkey launch their debut rap campaign with a mega Cypher. This cypher was called the “Make India Great Again” cypher. It boiled down into a cypher that explored a lot of factors in society that affect our daily lives. All the cypher cats did a great job of executing some of the most intricate lines that detailed the inequalities of the society we live in and how it was time to change. They also display their own lyrical prowess with their lines and take a stand for whats right.

Spirit Of The Nation

This cypher also outlines the spirit of India and the soul of the Republic Day. It is one to check for all the patriots in the country and Hip-Hop lovers alike. Rap has been used as a message provider to the people. And it is movements and campaigns like these that make the difference, with the artists talking about some issues that really matter. Check the video out below to understand just how you can make the country great again. And also understand the power of unity through the Dharavi United crew!