D’Evil And Kedar Set Benchmark With ‘Chal Bhak’ Music Video

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D’Evil and Kedar have once again set out to deliver a unique music video and this time its ‘Chal Bhak’. After creating much needed hype about its release, ‘Chal Bhak’ has taken over the underground scene. Vinayak Jayaram has produced the sick beat and engineered the track. This rapper-director-producer trio is thicker than blood brothers and their bond reflects on each project they execute. Much like their previous releases, ‘Chal Bhak’ also has an amazing story line attached to it.

chal bhak poster

Track Overview

‘Chal Bhak’ is a slang term mostly used to tell someone to bugger off. The lyrics of the song portrays rapper D’evil as someone intolerant to the evils of the society. Taking shots at violence, disloyalty, greed, alcohol addiction and corruption, which he feels are major problems in society today. D’evil blames the society and it’s people for the mess we are in now. He also blames them individually for their own personal problems.


Thus to portray the aforesaid traits of human character, D’evil himself plays a corrupt, disloyal, greedy and violently alcoholic character in the music video, who is constantly blaming everyone around him for his problems. Later in the video he reveals the protagonist seeing the evil in himself, which convinces him that the evil he sees in others is the evil within him.

d evil chak bhak


Also, there are some known faces from underground in ‘Chal Bhak’. Artists like HHB, Deejay Blunt and a few more can be seen playing various characters in the video. The music video also puts light on D’evil’s acting skills. Not many know the fact that he made his debut in Bollywood along side actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the movie ‘Freaky Ali’. D’evil, Vinayak and Amburle have previously worked together on D’evils projects like ‘Antisocal’, ‘Kadki’ and ‘Bhalti Soch’.

Watch the music video for ‘Chal Bhak’ here –

Dhaval Parab aka D’Evil is one of the most respected and liked members of Mumbai’s underground hip-hop community. A veteran of the battle-rap scene, Parab has been honing his craft for a while now. His latest single, titled Chak Bhak, is a testament to the work he’s put in over the years. Parab started out as part of Orkut’s Insignia community, a breeding ground for Indian hip-hop. With the release of his first single ‘Kadki’ and now his second single ‘Chak Bhak’, Parab hopes to build on a hugely promising debut and cement his name as an artist to watch out for.

“Keeping in mind that this is the last track recorded at Digital Dreams Studio (Malad, Malvani) under the guidance of Late Mr. Hassan Shaikh, I dedicate this release to him as an acknowledgement to his guidance and comfort provided during the recording process of this song.” – D’Evil