DesiHipHop’s Weekly Freestyle Friday, Providing Indie Rappers a Platform

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As the world gets used to the new life under lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, we at DesiHipHop have been on our toes to keep artists and audience engaged amidst all this. From virtual live festival, live discussions with panelists to supporting indie rappers with a Live Freestyle session every Friday.

Also, not just providing platform to the rappers, DesiHipHop have set up an Artist Relief Fund to help out during these hard times. DHH will be giving away INR 5000 to the hardest emcee of every Freestyle Session. As well as Music Distribution, Marketing & Advances to runner ups.

Talking about the whole initiative took by IQ aka Gujjubha, he said “When the pandemic hit, we setup an artist relief fund to help. This is one initiative that touches the grass roots. Through the #FreestyleFriday we’ve been able to give upcoming Desi Rappers a chance to shine and distributed over INR25k in prizes”.

MC Gravity from Bombay Lokal won the very first edition, which kicked off the weekly competition with fire bars. All the subsequent editions since then have featured unheard but very talented emcees. Even including a 13 year old rapper “Deeking” who won the third edition with his fierce bars. Some of the high profiles judges of the competition includes Haji Springer, MC Heam and Black Zang. Now we’re in the week 6 of the back to back Freestyle Sessions and voting for the top 3 is underway, you can pick you favorite choice below.

Only requirements are bars, good internet & lighting and you get 60 seconds to prove. Everybody is welcome to participate but only India based artists will be eligible for the cash prize.

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