DesiHipHop’s Hot Or Naah? (W/4)

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We, at, are happy to announce our new weekly edition which is entirely directed towards the underground. This piece features some of the most insane underground releases which, unfortunately, didn’t reach out to a mass audience.

Like every other week, we, at, try to bring some of the hottest releases from the week for hip-hop listeners. These are hand-picked releases which are not arranged in any rankings and are equally important for the culture. Without any further ado, let’s see some of the dopest releases of this week from the underground scene.

DesiHipHop's Hot Or Naah? (W/3)

1. Hadd Kardi – GRAVITY & Rhymix

GRAVITY and Rhymix are spitting bars and displaying top notch Hindi lyricism in their original style. As a matter of fact, the track is a remix of “Chi-Raq” by Nicki Minaj and Lil Herb produced by Vinylz, Boi-1da, and Allen Ritter. It was engineered by Tienas of FTS Elementaries. In addition, the video was shot by INFINITIUM and edited by Lolly Sawant.

Significant lyrics from the track

“Dhoop mai jalta khazana, tehkhane mai rehkar andhera tha pyaara,

Mai haara hu paisa, daulat aur saare inn chizo se, nakshe hai bante inn haath ke lakiro se,

Teeron se vaar daaton se katte, palatte, aur khudke nishane pe marte,

samajhte jeeta inhone inaam, aakhen kholo, sab mayajaal.”

Stream “Hadd Kardi” By  GRAVITY And Rhymix Here:

2. Garv- Babbar Ek And Jeewan Malhi

This is the first time these two rappers collaborated on a track. Basically, “Garv”, means proud and these rappers are showing a story of their life. How they started and now people recognise their name, that’s a proud moment for them. On the other hand, Nitish Lath aka Badbola did the post production for the track. Shubhankar Vaid did the DOP for the track and Jeewan Malhi did the editing for the same.

Significant lyrics from the track

“Dil mera bada or soch teri Choti,
Laela ko tu kare khush maa teri roti,
Laela tujhe mare laat maa puche roti,
 Choti soch ke sath niyat teri khoti.”

Stream “Garv” By Babbar Ek And Jeewan Malhi Here:

3.RAW- Adrotheillest, Anup, And Mihir

This is a freestyle video which was shot on an iPhone starring Adro from Mumbai’s Finest. Rohit Joshi did a very good job on the visuals. As the title says, the track purely gives you the raw vibes and Mihir did a great job on the beatboxing. They have done a pretty good job and the track has only bars nothing else!

Significant lyrics from the track

“Sab bas tokte salam,

Desh badelga us din jab hoga note pe Kalam,

Sabki batein bhot badi or soch bhot choti,

Tum shot dede khoti toh tere mooh pe muthi.”

Stream “Raw” By Adrotheillest, Anup, And Mihir Here:

4. NightMare- Brutas

Brutas dropped a brand new track called “NightMares” on the beat produced by Taylor King.  As a matter of fact, he suggested that one of his friends challenged him to do something with this beat in 20 mins. In addition, he just started writing his first verse and completed it in 5 mins and it took him 20 mins to complete the whole song. He also mentioned that on this track you will witness a lot of wordplays and some hardcore bars as well. Also, he gives shout out to that they always promote him and respects the “Real Talent”. Brutas also gave shout out to his Delhi homies San Cha, Shabd, The KJi, and Deep Harks.

Significant lyrics from the track

Aa gyi saadi wari, aa gya ni ohi time,

DHH kre Respect,  na dende aapa koi bribe,

San de Shabd bhari jive 100 kg(KJI) inflammable

Deep ne bars, Delhi wale sarre Loveable.”

Stream “Nightmares” By Brutas Here:

5. You Know Me – San Cha, Shabd And Sidak Arora

San Cha, Shabd, and Sidak came together on this new joint ‘You Know Me’ and this is straight fire. As a matter of fact, they spat fire on the instrumental of ‘Drowning’ by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. The track is recorded, mixed and mastered by Sshiv.

Significant lyrics from the track

“Galliyon mein ghumu mujhe sare ab jaane,
100 bande saath, baaki fake dikhein saare,
Dump karun zyada ab nikalun kam main gaane,
Hoes har taraf, isliye ghar ni basane, Ex aana chaahey wapas lagi jaal bichaney.”

Stream “You  Know Me” By San Cha, Shabd, And Sidak Arora Here:

6. Dara Dara – StreetFood

The Bengali brothers dropped a track that is all about bullying. In our society, we know people bully you at every stage of your life. It is a bilingual track and the rappers spat bars in English and Bengali. Fo2hunt did the video for the track and the production is by StreetFood Music.

Significant lyrics from the track

“Dara dara amar kotha ta shon,

Jokhoni samne pai microphone,

Tokhono hothat lyadh cherechure hamle pori,

Kan e headphone guje chole jai onno jogote.”

Stream “Dara Dara” By StreetFood Here:

7.John Morrison-Tienas

Tienas says that if you mix John Lennon and Jim Morrison you’ll get poetry with madness creating “John Morrison”. The track is all about bars and the video shows Homer from Simpsons nodding off and is a reference to how the community is sleeping on Tienas. BeatFella has created the instrumental and Tienas did the post production for the same.

Significant lyrics from the track

“See ima grip your hair pull it out of ya scalp rip,

Head from your body and dance with ya,

Cheek to cheek if you ask me to rap with ya,

Cuz when I got the gat in my palm Ima capture you in my aim.”

Stream “John Morrison” By Tienas Here: