DesiHipHop’s Hot Or Naah? (W9)

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We, at, are happy to announce our new weekly edition which is entirely directed towards the underground. This piece features some of the most insane underground releases which, unfortunately, didn’t reach out to a mass audience.

DesiHipHop's Hot Or Naah? (W8)

Like every other week, we try to bring some of the hottest releases from the week for hip-hop listeners. These are hand-picked releases which are not arranged in any rankings and are equally important for the culture. Without any further ado, let’s see some of the dopest releases of this week from the underground scene.

1. G’d Up [InLoveWithHerFigure] | Asif Mahmood Gsifz

The inspiration behind this track is based on real-life events. The theme of the song is just another upcoming rapper chilling at a house party, having a few drinks. All the women at the party throwing themselves at him. But subconsciously the heart wants what it can’t have – the attention of this one girl.

So by the middle of the night, he’s drunk enough to build up the courage to pick up the phone and say whatever’s on his mind in a voicemail. While iNine produced the joint, Shehab Zaman aka Shib-Z is credited for the engineering work. It’s a track from his album “SifzNation Vol 2: Fidel Castrophy”. Also, the track is a remix of the song “T’d Up” by RUSS.

Significant lyrics from the track

“When she doesn’t reply, a minute feels like a year does,

But I promise this night Imma be fearless,

I may appear less queer, but I got less fear I’ll be tearless,

Tonight my alter ego is taking over, man I fear Sifz.”

Stream “G’d Up [InLoveWithHerFigure]” by Asif Mahmood Gsifz Here –

2. Papa | Fotty Seven

Gurgoan rapper Fotty Seven made this song completely based on his experience with his father. As a matter of fact, it’s not inspired by anybody else’s life. That’s why he was worried if people would be able to relate to it. But, the response was overwhelming. He did this song in Hindi because he also wanted his mom to understand it.
He further added, “The glasses that I used are my father’s. The report cards that I used are something that my father always collected and everything was real so I think this song would be something that I might never be able to out-write myself. It took me 2 months to write this, didn’t know where to start from.”

Significant lyrics from the track

“Kyu mujhe batate ho ki kya kar rahe hai bachche,

Dusro ke bachcho mei mujhe khojoge toh, mujhe kho doge

Aaj aap ki jagah lee hai aap ki photo ne,

Par lagta hai jaise har pal yahi ho

Nafrat hai sunday se, kyuki, sunday hai par aap ghar par nahi ho.”

Stream “Papa” By Fotty Seven Here –



Talking about the track Xpolymer Dar stated, “Before rappers, we all are just a family. And we link up every now and then. Discuss life, discuss work, discuss music. So this track is just another one of our hangout sessions, where we all are sharing our views about life and ideologies and all that abstract mess that goes on in our heads.” The track is a remix of Future’s “Mask Off”. Aqeel Sarfraz did the engineering for the track and M.ZHe did the video.

Significant lyrics from the track

“Dil hega Gandhi naal, dil hega Jinaah naal,

Jung meri daari naal, jung shiv sinha naal,

Qallam mera “Khuddi” bolay, mai iqbal, Goli meri sir te, mai Azaad, (Chandar Shekar Azaad)

Qilla mehfooz mera, Jhansi di rani, Mai qillay tun baahr, Ahmed Faraz.”


4. Trikon | Rcruze Feat Rapper Khuraafat And Gauti

The track “Trikon” is basically based on the theme that the artist doesn’t care about anyone and they lost on their own trip. As a matter of fact, Oneness Recording Studio did the engineering of the track. David did the video for the same. Also,”Trikon” contains some cameos from underground artists like Puneet Kohli, Marshall The III, Abhi Payla from Nazar Battu, Young Bone, A Attri, D-Hustlerz, Ghaatak, and San Cha.

Significant lyrics from the track

“Koi knock knock kare beta gate khol de,

Maut aayi teri, aaj kate tera cake,

Chhoti teri buddhi, jispe lagi padi brake,

Yamraj tera kharda aakar bahar mattha tek.”

Stream “Trikon” By Rcruze Feat Rapper Khuraafat And Gauti

5. Saddi Soch | Bob.B Randhawa Featuring Puneet Kohli

Puneet Kohli has been putting out good music these days. Recently we saw him on a track which goes by the name of “Saddi Soch” that also has upcoming singer Bob.B Randhawa. While Shaitan did the music for the track, AMN has shot the video. The track has a gangsta feel and the video director truly justifies his skills capturing the beauty of astonishing locations.

Significant lyrics from the track

“Ve tu menu banayenga star,

Menu call krn puchan haal,

Fake tere yaaar khaadi,

Khandd pitti daaru sutt teh kayi hazaar.”

Stream “Saddi Soch” By Bob.B Randhawa Featuring Puneet Kohli Here –


6. Hip-Hop Shit | Mc Bamania And It’s Sky

The track purely represents the present hip-hop culture in our country. As a matter of fact, the artists talk about the lifestyle and experience that follow after choosing rapping as a career. Veekalp Sharma did mixing and mastering for the track and Shubhankar Vaid did the video.

Significant lyrics from the track

“Shabdon se pyar but tu zahir kare na,

Shayri hai bahut but hum shayar thodi na,

Ladkiyan or rhymes dono hai hot,

To mujh mein bhi thodi bahut fire hogi na.”

Stream “Hip-Hop Shit” By Mc Bamania And It’s Sky Here –


7. Hellbound | Phoenix Ft. Chirag Maini

The theme of this track revolves around the shallow mindset that most rappers that enter the game have. It has a critical outlook about how fake people act to make themselves look like they’re a part of this art. Phoenix further added, “The hook revolves around how I try to stand my ground and fight against the plague of plagiarism and fake personas that most so called artists around me carry.” Vikze and Himank Makkar did the typography for the track. Young Taylor produced the track while Phoenix mixed and mastered it.

Significant lyrics from the track

“Pushed around by the world,

So we’re pushing our fates around,

Outnumbered but not down,

We ain’t angels we’re hellbound.”

Stream “Hellbound” By Phoenix Ft. Chirag Maini Here –