DesiHipHop’s Hot Or Naah? (W/10)


We, at, are happy to announce our new weekly edition which is entirely directed towards the underground. This piece features some of the most insane underground releases which unfortunately, didn’t reach out to a mass audience.

DesiHipHop's Hot Or Naah? (10)

Like every other week, we try to bring some of the hottest releases from the week for hip-hop listeners. These are hand-picked releases which are not arranged in any rankings and are equally important for the culture. Without any further ado, let’s see some of the dopest releases of this week from the underground scene.

1. Fuck It | AGSY

India does not have as many female rappers in the scene as compared to male rappers. As a matter of fact, Agsy is one of the only femcees in the scene right now. She dropped a track called “Fuck It” recently. In this track, she can be seen not giving a fuck to the society and everyone who ever doubted her. On the other hand, Muhfaad has produced the music for “Fuck It” and Rahul Beniwal has shot the video for the same.

Significant lyrics from the track

“Imma do it on stage on the videos,

Its gonna pop up heads on the stereo,

I’m turning heads I’m taking heads,

I’m breaking beds but I’m not giving heads.”

Stream “Fuck It” By Agsy Here –

 2. 0 to 100 / The Catchup (Remix) | T.Zed

T.Zed is another artist from Bangladesh who has been putting out good music. One will be shocked and amazed by the talent of this guy. The way he delivers the track is outstanding. Recently this Desi boy from Bangladesh ripped apart the instrumental of Drake’s “0 To 100”. In the first half of the track which is all about straight bars, the artist talks about the struggles he’s been facing. The 2nd part of the track is about a girl he used to be with. Asif Kobi has designed the cover art for the track. Yofen did the post-production for the same.

Significant lyrics from the track

“The things I been thru ain’t nobody been thru like that,

I swear to god that I don’t want ma past life back,

I’m headed towards the future for makin’ a better picture,

And if I make it you know imma change this shit forever.”

 Click Here To Stream 0 to 100 / The Catchup (Remix) by T.Zed

3. Man Don’t Care (Remix) | Yungsta And X-CentriK

Yungsta and X-CentriK killed the instrumental of “Man Don’t Care” by Jme ft Giggs with their heavy punchlines. Both the emcees spat their verses in English. As a matter of fact, Galat Scenes has done the video for the track. This is what Yungsta told us about the track, “The theme was to talk about everything that’s existing in the front of our vision. Like whatever we see that’s fucked up but we don’t care.”

Significant lyrics from the track

“Coz I don’t choose to drop off the energy,

Never been a dog who’d soft paw the enemy,

Get em on a song, they soft talk for melodies,

Tell us whatchu feels that blog author recipe.”

Stream “Man Don’t Care (Remix) By Yungsta And X-CentriK Here –


4. Naanu Hip Hop Till I Die | Rap Kalivagu

“Naanu Hip Hop Till I Die” is all about the hip-hop culture. It shows the culture and its elements being upheld and represented properly, different from the direction chosen by fakers. Shastra who goes by the moniker of Abhishek Jay talks about 6 elements of hip-hop like Art of Graffiti, DJ-ing, MC-ing which the fake ones have no idea about. Clown Media Services is credited for the post-production of the track.

Significant lyrics from the track

Art of Graffiti, DJ-ing yen gotha guru,

B-Boying, MC-ing mathe aGnana-vidhu,

Illi fake ones ge gottilla 5 amshagaLu,

Aadru heLkothaane Hip Hop nam vamsha guru.”

Stream “Naanu Hip-Hop Till I Die By Rap Kavigalu Here –


5. We Doing Big | Joe Sekhon And HK

“We Doing Big” talks about giving 100% to anything you do and to never stop dreaming to get on top of it. As a matter of fact, German music producer Venomous made the trap beat. D-Hustlerz is credited for the video and K P Singh is credited for the post-production of the track.

The beat sounded perfect to lay out an aggressive rap with a deep message. Both Joe Sekhon and HK started their career in rap music together. Joe Sekhon calls this song as a Haters anthem and is addressing all the people who have tried to put him down in every way possible. He released this track as a debut under his own music label Gravity Records. Both of them have brought a new level of confidence to their delivery.

This is what the artists told us about the track – “When we started rapping, people knew that we had potential but they always tried to stop us from doing it. In fact, this isn’t reality but for us, hip-hop music is number 1 priority. There is a message to the people who underestimated us and on the other hand, we also tried to convey a message for those rappers who claim to be number one in hip-hop. You never know where in India there is a kid who has more hard bars than we listen from them, overconfidence can be harmful.”

Significant lyrics from the track

“Mujhe pata hai kaise meri shuruwat thi,

Sath khadne walon se jada jalne walon ki kagar thi,

Karte baatein bas peeth peeche mere kam ki,

Inki nafrat ne pehchan meri bana di.”

Stream “We Doing Big” By Joe Sekhon And HK Here –


6. D.N.A | Sidak Singh And Hesshh

These two boys from the state of Uttrakhand are doing an amazing work from the past couple of months. As a matter of fact, they want to put their city Roorkee on the map. The music of this track was produced by BVNX from France. On the other hand, Hesshh did the post-production for the track. Nitesh Choudhary has shot the video.

Significant lyrics from the track

“Ayye! Boll karde murder nahi chahidi bandook,

Siikh meto Yaara! jiive mai school,

Phajj meto duur yaara jiive mai bhoot”

Stream “DNA” By Sidak Singh And Hesshh Here –