DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/47)


Each and every week witnesses some jaw-dropping hip-hop releases in the Desi hip-hop community. Artists put in their efforts and as a result, hip-hop music scene is flourishing. Like every other week, we, at, try to bring some of the hottest releases from the week for hip-hop listeners. These are hand-picked releases which are not arranged in any rankings and are equally important for the culture. So, without any further ado, let’s see what was hot this week.

DesiHipHop's Hot 5 Of The Week (W/39)

Run The Streets – Nasty Ninja

Nasty Ninja recently dropped his much awaited single “Run The Streets”. Furthermore, the Mumbai’s Finest member chose his classic style on this track and didn’t experiment much. While lack of experiments might sound like a disappointment to his fans, the track is better than we expected. On-off rhythms in the instrumental produced by InStine are reason enough to make your head-bang. In fact, another Mumbai’s Finest member – Diefferent has engineered “Run The Streets” to make it sound punchy & in-your-face. Nasty definitely likes to make his video different and that is the reason he shot the video in Seoul, South Korea during his recent trip for KOD dance tournament.

Significant lyrics from the track

Shabdon ka ye khel aur khel mein khilaadi sau
Meri aankhein low, race mein main bhaagun slow

Watch the music video of “Run The Streets” by Nasty Ninja here –

Bandook – J19 Squad

Jodhpur’s very own J19 squad is one of the best regional hip-hop duos in the country. Since their music varies differently, their previous release “Mhaaro Jodhpur” was an intense and ear-catchy track. Likewise, “Bandook” is regional and gangster much different from the previous drop. Furthermore, both Pankaj Nimbark & Harsh Vyas are rocking the gangster look. The duo wrote, edited, engineered the track themselves and the beat produced by Young H is a cherry on the icing. The instrumental is straight up gangsta and bangs tight through the speakers.

Significant lyrics from the track

Gun is on my hand. Yes,
We are insane. Yes, We are killing
Those unkind men. Yes, we are doing
For our streets man

Watch the music video of “Bandook” by J19 Squad here –

City Slums – Raja Kumari (feat. Divine)

Raja Kumari is all set to leave her mark as a musician to be reckoned with in the Desi Hip Hop scene. Kumari along with global music giant Sony Music, released her much anticipated debut single “City Slums” featuring none other than the face of Hip-hop in India – DIVINE! A melodic mosaic of the streets aka gully of Mumbai, an artful production and hip hop grooves give the track the ability to be an instant ear-worm. Meanwhile the music video proves to be equally unpredictable and unforgettable with a thought-provoking narrative. Co-composed and written by the duo, the song showcases their ability to pair a catchy melody with impactful lyrics.

Talking about her experience working on “City Slums” Raja Kumari stated, “DIVINE is extremely talented and I knew if I was collaborating with anyone it had to be him. City Slums is a story about the people of Mumbai. I am so inspired to be in the motherland and understand where I came from. It is such a blessing to collaborate with a REAL artist. The song and the lyrics are my take away of watching them, real people with real stories. I am the American Dream, phir bhi dil mein Hindustani.

Significant lyrics from the track

Sadak zabaani, chai mein paani, haath mein kaarigaari
Naka ab khaali, bhaari thaali, sar pe zimmedaari
Ek hi toh maalik baaki kuch din waale karamchaari
Kaayeka beef, tu is rap khel mein shakahaari

Watch the video of Raja Kumari ft. Divine “City Slums” here –

Suno – Prabh Deep

Delhi-based Prabh Deep is one of the oldest artists from the city. With tracks like “G Maane”, “Kal” and several others, his reputation in the desi hip-hop scene is eminent. Last week witnessed the release of “Suno”, a brand new single by Prabh Deep. His old ally Sajeel Kapoor aka Sez has produced this one as well. The track is story based and uplifting if you give it a close listen. Drug issues have always been a struggle for the society and the way Prabh Deep has managed to convey this message is remarkable. Last frame of the video features a cameo by Seedhe Maut, Happu Singh, MC Kode & Sez.

Significant lyrics from the track

Udeekda ve mainu kehnda aavey
Mera pyo te khawaa de mainu roti
Dooje paasey jinnu bech aaya nasha
Hun nasha odi ban gayi hai roti

Watch the music video of “Suno” by Prabh Deep here –

Let It Go – Badshah (feat. Andrea Jeremiah)

This one’s for all the party lovers, festival goers, scooter fans and music fans alike. “Let It Go” is a peppy, uptempo song that also acts as an extended advertisement for one of Badshah’s side ventures. The use of the Yamaha Rayzr in this video has been executed really well. But what sets this song apart from everything else is the last verse. This time we see Badshah rap the last part of his verse in Tamil. “Let It Go” has all the makings of a super hit single – be it the jumpy beat, the lyrics, or even the beautiful singing. Everything is on point.

Andrea Jeremiah also brings an out of this world vibe to the already spectacular track with her vocals. In fact, the replay value for this song is above the roof. In the video, Badshah and Andrea are seen stepping up and performing for a music festival. The setting, the theme and the video are shot and edited amazingly well. The Tamil lyrics which are sung by Badshah are written by Subu.

Significant lyrics from the track

Club mein aayi hai to machi hai duhaai
Dhadkanein tez hain lao koi dawai
Crop top black tera, silver back tera
Ladkon ko maare baby RaZr swag tera

Watch the music video of “Let It Go” by Badshah & Andrea Jeremiah here –