DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/46)


Each and every week witnesses some jaw-dropping hip-hop releases in the Desi hip-hop community. Artists put in their efforts and as a result, hip-hop music scene is flourishing. Like every other week, we, at, try to bring some of the hottest releases from the week for hip-hop listeners. These are hand-picked releases which are not arranged in any rankings and are equally important for the culture. So, without any further ado, let’s see what was hot this week.

DesiHipHop's Hot 5 Of The Week (W/39)

K.N.D. (Kings Never Die) – King N.D.

Chennai based rapper Nitish Dogra aka King ND is out with his brand new album “Kings Never Die (K.N.D.)”. The 7 track album has the rapper reaching out to people who are trying to find solace through music. King ND speaks to his audience through his lyrics and hopes to get the recognition he deserves. Finally the album is out and is exclusively distributing it on all major platforms!


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K.N.D is a dream project and is very close to my heart. This album is me reintroducing myself into the scene so I can reach out to more people and maybe help them in a few ways. Can’t wait to share my story with you all.” Nitish stated.

Talking about the music video of “The Message” King ND stated, “K.N.D has seven tracks which is like a movie itself from the start to the finish. I wanted to push my own limit of making music. So, I experimented with the first track of the album titled ‘THE MESSAGE’ which is completely A capella. The music video is shot by the very talented Santosh Chinni and D’PAK has beautifully edited the video.”

Significant lyrics from the track –

Ansuna yeh bhaag, ansuna reh gaya yeh hissa
Logo ko pata nahi ke kya hai asli Hip Hop ka kissa
Sirf beat pe nahi, shabdo pe bhi dhyaan do
Shabd bhi wohi likho jiske ache arth ho varna jaan do

Watch the music video of “The Message” by King N.D. here –

Loca Loca – Shivi & Raftaar

“Loca Loca” came out this week and features Sunny Leone as the lead. The main credits for this amazing music lies in the hands of Ariff Khan aka Arkane. In fact, he has composed the lyrics that he co-wrote with Shahzaad Kaleem. The primary factor that makes this track ear-catching is its 70s Bollywood disco-vibe. The way Shivi has dubbed the track is impressive. Furthermore, its a key element which makes this track sound Bollywood. Raftaar kicks in with his dance moves and multi-rhymer commercial verse. The last time Raftaar used a similar scheme in a commercial song was witnessed in “Mombattiye”. Raftaar took a further step to take shots at eve-teasers.

Significant lyrics from the track –

Raat abhi baaki hai, Na kam hai daaru na
Jaldi mein saaqi hai
Na maine naa ki, Na mummy na papa
Na naake ka khaaki hai

Watch the music video of “Loca Loca” by Shivi & Raftaar here –

So High (Remix) – Mellow D

Mellow D rose to fame with Dil Hai Hindustani in the recent months. His earlier release “Kush Maar” was a viral hit and there’s no doubt in that. Dilpreet Singh aka The Grim directed “Kush Maar” and he is the same guy behind this music video as well. Sidhu Moose Wala released “So High” in August of 2017 and celebrated its success. Brampton-based Byg Byrd produced the original music and provided the instrumental to Mellow D as well. In fact, Mellow D made it a proper Punjabi hip-hop banger with his hard yet witty lyricism.

Significant lyrics from the track –

Ae hoya ki ae mundey kitthon aaye?
Ae hoya ki? Enna nu kaun samjhaaye?
Jinney likhey ne tu geet oney likh main mitaaye
Hustle kitti real na note baapu de udaaye

Watch the music video of “So High” by Mellow D here –

Floor Lava Hai – Marshall

Govind Singh Dhir aka Marshall is known for dropping impressive and different music. While a lot of people will think that this song is dark, it in fact is not. Dark-humour is the core of this track and Marshall kept it real. Marshall has already released tracks like “Rimjhim” and has already worked with Raftaar but this song is definitely different. Its a laid-back song with dizzy visual effects which is perfect for stoners. In fact, Marshall kept it old-school and din’t use glamour in the video at all. Using unusual objects in his videos has been his signature style and this track is no different.

Significant lyrics from the track –

Hun thalleyon takk de jede piche si dhakkde
Fattey chakk tey lokaan ne aa gyi fatt ke hath ch
Par garj ni saanu appan grudge ni rakhdey
Din enney soney aaye, jawan main sadd ke

Watch the music video of “Floor Lava Hai” by Marshall here –

Main Bhi Gurjar Hoon – Addy Nagar & Khatri

The description of the video suggests “Gurjar or Gujjar, an ethnic group of people in Afganistan, India and Pakistan. They variously follow Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism. Gurjars are classified as Other Backward Class (OBC) in some states in India. People in India are not aware about the community and a negative thought process is followed by everyone. Kindly please read more information on Wikipedia but do not judge the whole community by the act of some fools.”

Basically, Addy Nagar and Khatri decided to break the stereotype which surrounds this community by dropping a song. Currently, the track is trending at number 3 on YouTube. Khatri really did an amazing job and Addy literally took the track to another level. Its really difficult to select a few lines from this track as each line talks about the community.

Watch the music video of “Main Bhi Gurjar Hoon” by Addy Nagar & Khatri here –