DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/44)


Each and every week witnesses some jaw-dropping hip-hop releases in the Desi hip-hop community. Artists put in their efforts and as a result, hip-hop music scene is flourishing. Like every other week, we, at, try to bring some of the hottest releases from the week for hip-hop listeners. These are hand-picked releases which are not arranged in any rankings and are equally important for the culture. So, without any further ado, let’s see what was hot this week.

DesiHipHop's Hot 5 Of The Week (W/39)

Reloaded – Sun J

Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective might not sound like an unfamiliar name to you if you’re truly a desi hip-hop fan. Those who don’t know them should definitely check them out. Furthermore, their founding member Sun J dropped his debut album, “Reloaded”, on August 30, 2017. “Reloaded” has five tracks namely – Be AwareBhaad Mei JaoBreakboy, I Represent and Seedhe Slum Se. A few of  you might have already heard a couple of tracks from “Reloaded” but if you haven’t, you’re sleeping on gold. released five videos of Sun J this week. Each track is worth listening as Sun J’s type of hip-hop is connected with the roots.

“Reloaded” by Sun J was also featured on iTunes India charts of new releases. Certainly a big step forward for an artist of his calibre. He is also gearing up for a three city tour very soon. To know more about it, click here. As a matter of fact, pushed “Reloaded” to the fullest. The exclusive distribution of Sun J’s album is done by across all digital music distribution platforms. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy this album. Order now!

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Sun J warns the scene to “Be Aware” of him

Out of the videos we mentioned above, official music video for Sun J’s “Be Aware” is the sickest! Much like its title, the track is set to spread awareness among masses who live life the hip-hop way. Sun J and his Khatarnaak crew have a lot of things to lay off their chests. “Be Aware” sees him slaying the beat with multi-syllabic Hindi rhymes. Roaring loud like a hungry beast the rapper declares that the scene better ‘Be Aware’ of him!

Firstly, Sun J is easily one of the all-rounders in the Desi hip hop scene. From pen game to production, he has got all skills locked down. He has written, produced and composed “Be Aware”. The gritty music video is enough to connect the fans with the Khatarnaak music vibe. The instrumental is old-school yet fresh, and Sun J left no stones unturned in speaking his mind out.

Watch the official video of “Be Aware” here –

Sazaa – TaZzZ (feat. Elijah)

TaZzZ released the teaser of his song “Sazza” last week. “Sazza” was the sixth track on the album. In addition, TaZzZ produced and engineered the track and brought Elijah on board after five years. Last time they came together was in 2012 for the track “Tere Bina”. In fact, the track was a commercial success and crossed millions of hits on YouTube alone. Most of all, “Sazaa” sounds epic!

The video directed by Hasinth Pathirana looks amazing. Mahi Sarna, the female lead, looks beautiful as well. We know for a fact that TaZzZ is a visionary. He plans everything before putting in efforts in the process of executing it. Similarly, TaZzZ is the guy who conceptualised the story line of “Sazaa” both for the audio and the video.

Significant lyrics from the track

“If only I knew ke mainu chhod ke tu jayengi, If only
I knew ke inj dil nu rulayengi
If only I knew ke teri yaadan hun tadpayengi, If only
I knew ke sanu pyar vich sazaa milegi”

Watch the music video of “Sazaa” by TaZzZ here –

Mere Liye – Rob C

Kamesh Chawla who goes by the stage name of Rob C dropped his first Hindi rap titled “Mere Liye”. As a matter of fact, he spat a dope verse on a beat which is created by Classixs Beats. Furthermore, Romi Kahlon is credited for the spectacular visuals for the track “Mere Liye”. Rob C himself did the engineering work for the track. “Mere Liye ” has really good bars and Rob C shows the real side of what people want from hip-hop. He took a dig at some labels too who tried to demotivate him and said that he will not do anything in his career if he does tracks like these. On the other hand, he also gave a shout out to Manj Musik, Sikander Kahlon, and Sady Immortal.

Significant lyrics from the track

Jazbaaton ki ni keemat ye bikte ab free mein,
Sab dil ke hain mareez karalo apne beemay,
Baatein sunu Kuch kehte khaas rob c mein,
Ye jaante nahi mujhe, jiske nikalte paseeney


On the other hand, Rob will soon be seen in a track called “Repeat”. As a matter of fact, Kala Kurta Gang and Black Eye Galaxy are teaming up for a track which is produced by IQ. The track has Guru Lahori, Rush Toor and Mohan Singh from Black Eye Galaxy and Sikander Kahlon, Sady Immortal and Rob C from Kala Kurta Gang. is distributing the track exclusively. Order your copies here.

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Stream the audio of “Mere Liye” by Rob C here –

Woofer – Deep Kalsi & KR$NA

The DNH team dropped a banger called “Woofer” featuring Deep Kalsi and KR$NA. They showed the world how to treat hip-hop in commercial tracks. In fact, KR$NA spat a dope verse without compromising the authenticity of the culture. Moreover, Deep Kalsi did the music for the track “Woofer”. This is the first track from their album “DNH Gang”.

We were expecting a rap verse by Deep Kalsi but after listening to “Woofer” its clear that he’s an amazing vocalist too. The track has lavish cars in great locations and fans will see Rafttar doing a cameo in “Woofer” as well. Raftaar shows up to support his team adding an extra twist to the video as well. Furthermore, the amazing video of “Woofer” has been directed and edited by Canfuse. Sukhpreet Singh and Deep Kalsi are credited for the engineering of the track. Also, the track was released via AK Projekts. 

Significant lyrics from the track

Pedal dabaya, bhaita main kali benz mein,
Gurgawan, tuje dikhwan aja girl mere ends mein,
Ghur ghur k dekhte tere friends hain,
Din mein bhi on rehti lights mere lens mein.

Watch the music video of “Woofer” by Deep Kalsi & KR$NA here –

Dynamite – Emiway

Mumbai’s very own bantai Emiway dropped the official music video of his track “Dynamite”. As a matter of fact, “Dynamite”  is beautifully conceptualised and Emiway can be seen in a different avatar. Also, you can see Emiway portraying the image of a lover boy and can be seen romancing a lady on the track. In addition, Emiway himself did the music for the track “Dynamite”. Furthermore, Mukkta K can be seen playing the female lead in the video. Aakib Siddique shot the music video and Black Acid Production did the editing.

On the other hand, after dropping his EP “Mein”, which was his best work till now, his fans were expecting the same kind of track. But, Emiway surprised his fans and dropped a commercial number instead of hardcore hip-hop track. In addition, his tracks like “Maal Wali Aunty”, “Aur Bantai”, and “Keema” built his commercial success in the scene. However, for “Dynamite”, Emiway mentioned that this track is different and many people won’t understand after listening to it for the first time.

Significant lyrics from the track

Aisi khoob ladki dikhi toh aankhe fadakegi,
Pehle bholi dikhegi fir baat baat pe bhadkegi,
Jaat paat ko soche bina maa baap se puche bina,
Leke bhagu tujhe kahi jaha koi rehta na ho.”

Click Here To Watch “Dynamite” By Emiway