DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/41)


Each and every week witnesses some jaw-dropping hip-hop releases in the desi hip-hop community. Artists put in their efforts and as a result, hip-hop music scene is flourishing. Like every other week, we, at, try to bring some of the hottest releases from the week for hip-hop listeners. These are hand-picked releases which are not arranged in any rankings and are equally important for the culture. So, without any further ado, let’s see what was hot this week.

DesiHipHop's Hot 5 Of The Week (W/39)

Man On A Mission – Lazarus

In a world where xenophobia is starting to show its roots, it’s been a tense few years for Desi people and other minorities around the world. Countless reports of issues on flights, assaults, attacks on random Desi people has numerous communities feeling out of place. However, Lazarus’s view on these racial stereotypes were made clear, and he added, “This song and video is dedicated to all those people who hate being labelled and put into a stereotype. We should have the freedom and desire to break those barriers and become that which the world deems as impossible or unattainable.”

On the other hand, Dub Muzik has produced an amazing beat for “Man On A Mission”.  I.V. Duncan & Hugo Castillo have engineered the track before the final master by DJ Sleepy Hollow. In fact, Lazarus has written, produced, edited & directed “Man On A Mission”.


Significant lyrics from the track:

“I’m a little crazy, I’m a little Ku-Ku,
People wanna tell me what they gonna do who,
I don’t ever listen, you all keep missin’
Can’t stop my plans, I’m a man on a mission”

Watch the music video of “Man On A Mission” by Lazarus here:

G Wagon – Goldy Goraya (feat. Bohemia)

Bohemia has collaborated with Goldy Goraya, an upcoming Punjabi singer for “G-Wagon”. As a matter of fact, the new music sensation in the Punjabi music industry and “Aa Gaya Ni Ohi Billo Time” fame – Deep Jandu did the music for “G-Wagon”

After the debacle track “Dadagiri” with Sab Bhanot, this is something amazing that Bohemia has dropped for his fans. The verse is on point and the video of this track is perplexing. Also, the video of “G-Wagon” is directed by J.Hind. Satwinder Berdi has penned down the lyrics for “G-Wagon”. The track came out via T-Series Apna Punjab.

Significant lyrics from Bohemia’s Verse

“Galiyan ch meri bheja bheja sachi much,
Hun bhenda main meri khadi moouch,
Naal-e shotgun rakhi safety layi, par,
Pher vi tu mainu dekhdi nahi.”

Watch the music video of “G-Wagon” by Goldy Goraya and Bohemia here:

King Midas – Raxstar & Sunit Music

The hit duo, Raxstar and Sunit are back with their brand new track called “King Midas”. As a matter of fact, these two are known for creating songs using a sample in it. In fact, Sunit creates magic whenever he produces and adding samples is his forte. Similarly, “King Midas” also has a Bengali vocals sample as chorus.
On the other hand, they have created hits like this before. In addition, tracks like “Janemaan”, “Bandook” with Badshah, and “Balwant” are some of their best work as a duo. You cannot call them or bound them as a duo, but, Sunit knows what Raxtstar’s sound is. Furthermore, the track is mixed by Sunit and the mastering for the track is handled by Mo Khan. Also, the are scratches done by Turkish Dcypha.

Significant lyrics from the track

“Girls say they love me I know what they really mean,
They just wanna fuck a rapper or somebody who can sing,
And yea that’s cool but I’m tryna tour the world,
You man are making music just so you can move to girls.”

Watch the music video of Raxstar and SunitMusic’s “King Midas” here:

Wild West – Saheer

US based rapper Saheer is set with his release in association with High Rize ENT and “Wild West (Down 2 Roll) is out now, and we have all the inside scoop for you. Saheer opened up about the story behind this track. Much like his previous work, Wild West also stems from real life incidents.

“Wild West (Down 2 Roll)” is a testament to combining what Saheer chose to do with what he was meant to do. Also, he believes that the first generation American experience is unique and they’ve only just begun telling their story to the world.

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Significant lyrics from the track:

“I’m following you baby take me around,
Show me how you put it down,
I see how you move and you’ve been at the crown,
Queen of my dreams, you’ve been found”

Watch the video for Wild West below and share your views with us!

Jwala – Encore ABJ

Encore ABJ from Delhi recently released “Jwala” through Its a remix of G-Eazy’s “Guala” but the remix is equally good. Lyricism is the key strength of Encore ABJ and “Jwala” sets the best example of the same. Yungsta has mixed and mastered this track for Encore ABJ and he has done it right. The other half of Seedhe Maut, Calm, conceptualised the video which was later shot by Vaksh Vimal.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Seedhe fasenge, hasenge seedhi shakal pe
Hai Chadhne ko seedhi par teetar banenge
Ye chahenge udna fir muu pe girenge
Fir jaake ye pallu ke peeche chupenge”

Watch the music video of “Jwala” by Encore ABJ here: