DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/37)


Each and every week witnesses some jaw-dropping hip-hop releases in the desi hip-hop community. Artists put in their efforts and as a result, hip-hop music scene is flourishing. Like every other week, we, at, try to bring some of the hottest releases from the week for hip-hop listeners. These are hand-picked releases which are not arranged in any rankings and are equally important for the culture. So, without any further ado, let’s see what was hot this week.

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Kaliyug – MC Heam

MC Heam has redefined conscious rap for all the Hindi rap lovers. Heam has stuck to his roots of the language coupled with his knowledge of Sanskrit and Hindu scriptures. “Kaliyug” is a track inspired by mythologies Mahabharata and Ramayana. As predicted by Lord Ram, we are in the final stage of the world where evil subsidies over everything.

MC Heam released the official music video of “Kaliyug” in association with Revolt Art Technology and

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Ram Chandra keh gaye Siya se aisa kaliyug aayega,
Hans chugega daana tinka, Kauwa roti khaayega”

Watch the music video of “Kaliyug” by MC Heam here:

Mrs. Sauga – Sunny Malton

Recently, Sunny Malton and Byg Byrd collaborated on “Mrs.Sauga”. On the other hand, Byg Byrd and Jeawan Beats did the music production for the track while Rodzilla shot the visuals for “Mrs.Sauga. We all know that Sunny Malton is a beast when it comes to rhymes. In addition to his rhymes, Sunny has got a dusky voice and an impressive flow. On the whole, Sunny Malton totally murdered the instrumental and went ham on this one. This track is straight fire!

Significant lyrics from the track:

“These rappers got pussy in their DNA,
I’m going straight for the bang if I see a way.”

Watch “Mrs.Sauga” by Sunny Malton Here:

Bottoms Up – Lakshya

Chandigarh/Delhi-based rapper Lakshya Arora finally dropped “Bottoms Up” last week. Lakshya was earlier known as KrazyClip but has now changed his name for some reasons. “Bottoms Up”, as a matter of fact, was being delayed due to several issues including labels and technical difficulties. “Bottoms Up” is a fresh blend of alcohol, heart-break and a banger.

Renowned music producer Sez produced the instrumental while Deep Kalsi recorded it and was later mastered by Sukhpreet. ShotByInflict did shoot and edit an impressive video and Raksha, as a matter of fact, looks amazing in the video.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Naqaab mere chehrey pe, daag tere gehrey hain,
Sasti tu pad gayi par kapdey wo mehangey they,
Kashti palat gayi, Samundar mein behney de,
Kya tha na socha par bas ab tu rehney de”

Watch the music video of “Bottoms Up” by Lakshya here:

Full Of Life – Mumbai’s Finest

First and foremost, “Full of Life” is soothing and is filled to the brim with optimism. Diefferent opens up the track with an English verse and summarizes that one should do what he wants to and towards the end everything will fall into place. On the other hand, Ace and Ninja shared a verse and both of them dropped bars in Hindi. “Full of Life” also allowed Nasty Ninja to expose his mellow side. The video was done by Romi Kahlon who has worked with Mumbai’s Finest on several videos.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Maine seekhi ye hi baat hai,
Zindagi to ek dua hai,
Apne aap ko bata do,
Apne aap mein khuda hai”

Watch the music video of “Full of Life” by Mumbai’s Finest here:

Dilli Mera Shehar – Prabh Aoulakh

“Dilli Mera Shehar” is a joint effort by Prab and D18 Studios. Prab has been working on “Dilli Mera Shehar” from 4 months and trust me, you guys won’t regret after watching this track with great visuals. The music for “Dilli Mera Shehar” has been produced by Raga and Prashant Sharma from D18 Studios. Luck-E shot the video and did the editing for the same. Basically, from this track, Prab Aoulakh wants to show the positive side of Delhi. Compared to other places, Delhi stays in the news for being the crime capital every now and then.

Significant lyrics from the track

“Waqt me na thaer hai, Na mujhay koi khaer hai,
Lafzon me jo zehar hai, Yeh toh tera veham hai.”

Watch “Dilli Mera Shehar” By Prab Aoulakh Here: