DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 of The Week! (W/53)

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A new week adds new flavour to our curated Desi Hip Hop playlist! Some really great releases to feature in this week’s edition of DHH Hot 5! Artists from across borders doing it big with so many songs released and promoted. The soundscape of Desi Music is truly being pushed to its limits by all the major artists involved in the scene.

The most prevailing factor among all these artists is the unity within their respective fanbases and communities. They have built a strong connection not only with their core listeners but also their peers alike. Besides that, the fact that all the songs below are quality drops literally boost their way through the clutter.

Check out Desi Hip Hop’s 5 picks for this weeks DHH HOT 5! (Note: The list below is in no way intended to be in ascending or descending order).

1) Emiway – Mazaak Hai Kya?

One of the most consistent artists from this side of the world -Emiway Buntai – recently dropped a vibrant, colourful yet aggressive video. The video has been produced, shot and directed extremely well and the song stands out. Emiway hops on the video expressing duality between 2 of his avatars. The song also sees him question the hypocritical exclamations of his listeners by asking them if “all this is a funny joke”.

Emiway's Video Of Dynamite Is Too Hot Too Handle!

He uses the sarcastic tone throughout the song and talks about his fair-weather fans to express to them that his artistry is no joke. Watch the amazing visuals for the track down below and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below!

2) Dopeadelicz -x- MC Mawali – Semma Weightu

Bombay based Hip-Hop crew Dopeadelicz broke the internet with their latest TOLLYWOOD Hit – “Semma Weightu“. The song is for the movie “Kaala” starring none other than the legendary RAJINIKANTH. The music is provided by the veteran Santosh Narayanan. The rap for the song is given by MC Mawali, Arunraja Kamaraj, and Dope Daddy & Stony Psyko (Dopeadelicz).

Rajnikanth's New Film To Feature Dopeadelicz Crew!

Power packed verses on a beat crafted by a powerful producer. This is the full package. This track is also a treat to the ears as much as the movie promises to be a treat to the eyes! Listen to the song below and dont forget to share!

3) Raz Dee x Crostec ft. Cizzy – Katey Na

Desi music is evolving and quickly spreading its own sound infused with the international touch. This song is also one such example of that. Raz Dee has been in the Pop/RnB circuit for a minute now and has really pumped in some good sounds into the pipeline. KATEY NA is a sweet, vibed out, mellow track which Raz Dee rides out smoothly with his amazing voice.

But the real variety in this track shines through when Kolkata MC – Cizzy – drops a complete verse rapping in Bengali in a “mumble rap” style. Though it isnt thoroughly mumble rap, just a low pitched reciting of a verse in tune, it still sends the international sounds running thoroughly through the track. Desi rap is also evolving and seeing this as the first of many such verses would be a great vibe. Big ups to him for the effort, it clearly speaks for itself!

4) Real Sikh – Exhale (off of Rebel With A Cause)

Real Sikh pours some heartfelt lyrics to the beat of “Exhale”. The emcee hailing out of New Jersey has just released his EP – “Rebel With A Cause”  and “Exhale” is a minor example of how well he can pen his rhymes. He sticks his style close to the roots of East coast hip-hop but represents the Punjabi roots loud and proud as well. Stream the album real quick down below!



Real Sikh is definitely an artist to watch out for and you can discover his complete range of skill through his EP. Also, do comment and let us know what you think!


5) Singh Mahoon – Santali

Singh Mahoon is a UK based artist that is making waves due to the kind of music he is currently bringing to life. He is thoroughly putting his punjabi roots on display with each song. And uniting the mindset of the modern sikh with those of the ancestors. His thoughts and musical vision lie more so on the spiritual realms and the political. He is literally etching his name on the desi rap arena such as to envision himself as a leader of his people to the “Khalistan”.

It is amazing to see such talent and DHH are certainly looking out for more of his releases, and so should you! Watch the visuals for Singh Mahoons “Santali” below and share the message!