DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 of The Week! (W/52)

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Some more great music has come out of the hip hop scene since the last Hot 5 list was out. This time we have collected some of the most diverse and most different sounding tracks in the rap scene. It is just a great thing to see the level of Hip-Hop going up and the overall quality of the music increase. It is these changes that ensure sustainability of any genre. We are blessed to hear the talent and sounds of such a diverse range of artists coming out of our country.

This week we saw newcomers as well as the veterans return to give us some great tunes. From Haji Springer to Dopeadelicz to Spitfire, every single drop had a refreshing sound of its own. This is what makes this list one of its kind. Check out all the 5 tracks down below!

1) Haji Springer – Neend (ft. Raxstar)

Haji Springer had already released his album this month and it is still spreading like wildfire. It is not a stretch to say that he is one of the most consistent and successful artists in the Desi Hip-Hop scenario. The album shines on so many different tracks, from the first single “Keede” to the Raxstar collaboration “Neend” to what we can only guess is the biggest hit video coming soon, a track named “Sanjay Dutt”.

Until then, were gonna keep bumping these two Desi Rap veterans on the beat of this dope track. The album has so much more of these and thats what makes it truly enjoyable for a listener. Check out Haji Springer and Raxstar on their collaboration “Neend” below!

2) Siri – Live It

The femcee from down south is back and repping the southside to the fullest! “Live It” is the (dare we say it) comeback track of Bengaluru based femcee Siri. And hands down she has slayed it! Flowing with the beat in both english and kannada, she throws in a fun element to the video while still maintaining the fierce vibe of the track. The track is bold, fun, enjoyable and most of all, it is expressive.

The instrumental is produced by Har Man who has done a great job of creating the vibes and grooves of the track. Siri is explosive in the video as well. A must check track! Check out Siri – Live It below!

3) Spitfire – Seedhe Midzone Se

Straight Outta Madhya Pradhesh, one of the most recent up and coming emcees got some heat flowing in his bars. He goes all in on his recent release “Seedhe Midzone Se!”. A track representing who he is and where he’s from. Spitfire is one of the artists to look out for and has done justice to the iconic Missy Elliot beat.

The flows, the delivery and overall authenticity in his raps is what makes him stand out. The track is one to bump for all the up and comers. The originality is on point and Spitfire spits with a purpose. Check out “Seedhe Midzone Se” by Spitfire down below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

4)  Jasim ft. DopeDaddy (from Dopeadelicz crew) – Snake Charmer

Also making his return after long is an emcee who has been a long timer in the Hip-Hop scene in Mumbai. A part of the infamous “Dopeadelicz” crew, DopeDaddy is a stand out emcee who has come back with a bang along with Dubai based artiste Jasim.

This track stands out in its own way with powerful visuals, vocals and instrumentals all adding up to create an other worldly vibe to the track. Check out the dope track “Snake Charmer” by Jasim ft. DopeDaddy (Dopeadelicz) below!

5) Adro – Sabse Bhaari

Out with his own EP – Mumbai based emcee Adro makes his return to the music scene with “Sabse Bhaari”. Adro distinguishes his style really well apart from a lot of other lyricists in the game. He fuses wit, puns, humour and punchlines to his rap verses and delivers them in a tone in somewhat of a grey area between playful, sarcastic, serious and aggressive.

There is a consistency in his performance and the flow of tracks on his debut EP. It is really fun to hear the way he fuses metaphors and delivers the songs. Check out the music video for “Sabse Bhaari” down below!

Honorable Mention

Divine – One Side

And how can we end the list without mentioning one of the most influential rap artists in the country. Divine hits back hard with his latest track. Produced by none other than Byg Byrd. “One Side” is a stellar example of the upper limits of the Desi Rap game. He has already set the bar high in terms of commercial success, but One Side aims at elevating that bar even higher.

Good News For Divine's Fans As He Is All Set To Perform In Nepal

Check out the latest by Divine if you haven’t already! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!