DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/51)

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A new DHH Hot 5 of the week guarantees some great music headed your way! And as usual, we at DHH have compiled a list of some of the best indie music from the motherland that’s been pushed recently. And we have 5 of the best picks from those to lighten up your week.

Note that this is not a list in a descending or ascending order. It is merely a compilation of some of the best tunes to drop in the Desi Hip Hop scene since the past few days. So, without further ado, lets get to exploring!

1) Haji Springer | Keede

Following through on a lot of new releases, Haji Springer’s hit record “Keede” has broken through a lot of noise to stay consistently at the top. The video has already garnered more than 300,000 views on Youtube and has been well received by audiences worldwide. It is a hard-hitting, gritty rap song that sets a solid tone for his album “Dava”.

The album launched worldwide on March 30th. The tracklist of the album includes big names like Raxstar,… and many more. The album is a promising success story of a desi rap veteran who has seen it and been through it all. “Dava” is a word that means medicine. In Haji’s own words, he is pushing this album out to be a cure. A cure for the idea and thought that people take rap music for granted. March 30th will be something to witness as a classic album is on the way.

2) Kav-E – Don Beer Ah Che Glass

For a new generation and a new era in the Desi Hip-Hop scene, the name Kav-E resonates with a few enthusiasts and pioneers across the scene. Being a first generation Desi emcee, he has launched himself back in action and let the feelings flow on this latest single. He picks up the beat for Badshah’s recent track “Therapy” and flips it with his original Konkani touch.


The track speaks of his childhood, speaks of his thoughts and emotions going through his life, but most of all his personal journey. With the track and the abstract video, Kav-E also wants to sit a listener down and heal his audience. It is a tale of someone who is waiting for a loved one to be back home: who in this case is his Father.

Watch this one of a kind video down below and let us know your thoughts:

3) Fotty Seven – Koi Baat Nai

Fotty Seven has been a consistent force in the Hip-Hop scene in India. Hailing from Delhi, Fotty Seven is a well-versed emcee with a unique style and flow in his songs. His latest drop is also one of his most rapidly growing videos in his catalogue. It highlights the double standards and duality in a relationship. It sets a conversational tone between a man and a woman where they argue and detail the thought processes between both the sides of their conversation.

The song and video is a fun presentation of some serious issues that go through a relationship. Its definitely a worthwhile watch to see how it all plays out. Watch the video for Fotty Seven – “Koi Baat Nahi” down below and let us know your thoughts and comments.

4) Sab Bhanot – House Party

LA based Hip-Hop emcee Sab Bhanot is back with a banger for all his true listeners and fans. After ripping the beat up with Haji Springer on his last release “Jande Nahin”, he switches to a new vibe showcasing an intense house party. The track boasts a celebration with his friends and close ones. Sab Bhanot is a versatile artiste with a different array of sounds and skill sets. He writes and performs his own lyrics, records his own tracks and mixes and masters those. He also directs his own videos.

This fact also guarantees his consistency with his own ideas and his output. House Party is a vibeout track which can be played indoors or at clubs. Sab Bhanot puts the best quality music out and his recent string of tracks just proves that point even further. Big ups to the man for creating his own style and brand of music. Watch the visuals for “House Party” by Sab Bhanot below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

5) Arcado -x- EarthGrime -x- Thirumali – Theyy Theyy Thaka Thom

In the south of India, Hip-Hop is taking a new direction in terms of how it is going to be perceived sonically. Artists in the south (especially around the Kerala region) are taking the effort to bring the roots of their own Indian folk music to light. Through the performance of their lyrics as well as the production of their songs.

Theyy Theyy Thaka Thom” is a standing example in this case. Anand.S from the capital city of Kerala, composes and produces music under the alias of Arcado. Blending genres and styles, his stuff can seldom be put under a specific genre. The 18 year old who does it for the satisfaction over anything else is also a singer/songwriter, who has written the lines for songs including Theyyantharo (Ivano Fest 2017 Theme Song), and Baja Re (The Born Vintage). The alias took origin from the phrase, “Art Can Do”, which is also the name of his upcoming album, which is to be released on 024 Sound.

Theyy Theyy Thaka Thom blends elements of Trap, Hip-Hop, and Rap, with heavy Indian influence. Vocal chops, Strings, Malayalam Rap, a catchy hook, and South Indian Percussion – It’s not everyday that you see everything in a single track. The track features rap verses by EarthGrime and Thirumali produced and arranged by Arcado. Artists from different parts of the state came together to create “Theyy Theyy Thaka Thom”. The music video was shot primarily in Trivandrum and was edited by Akash Chandramohan.