Desi Rappers Need To Hop On This Free To Use Beat Tape By The 6th Element!

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Chennai based Hip Hop producer The 6th Element has dropped a brand new beat tape. Most of all, “Make Beats, Not Walls” is a free to use tape with no restrictions whatsoever. A direct SoundCloud link allows users to download the beats individually. The 10 beat tracklist is fire to the fullest with classic 6th Element signature style of production.

Heavy old school beats with multiple music layers make the perfect combination to spit some fire verses on. It is not a hidden fact that there’s a lack of good production coming out of the Desi Hip Hop scene. Rappers outnumber the producers at any given day causing a high demand for beats. Mostly no one can afford to spend lot of money on the same, for those artists this beat tape is a life saver!

Click To Download “Make Beats, Not Walls”

We got in touch with Anirudh Kannan aka The 6th Element to know in depth about each beat and its soundscape. He gave us a detailed description of each track. Check them out and download the ones you love the most. Don’t forget to share your views with us!

1. Liberate Music –  The concept I had behind this beat is in direct reference to the current scene of the music world. There are so many artists but very few who strive for originality, everyone is boxed in mentally, lyrically and instrumentally. Music has to be liberated from the mental prisons to fulfill its true purpose.

2. Get On My Level – This track is based off the whole concept of the rap game, being an actual game, hence the 8 bit video game type of sound. We are all characters fighting our way to the top, level after level.

3. Medusa – This is a stoner beat. Based off Greek Mythology, if anyone looked at Medusa, they would be turned to stone. I played with that concept with a twist, “I am so stoned, like I just saw Medusa.”

4. Know What I’m Saiyan – DRAGON BALL Z! This beat is pretty much about going super saiyan on the mic and tearing down competition lyrically!

5. Face To Face With Danger – The streets can either make a person or break a person, and when you are face to face with danger you gotta strike with all you got and stand defiant regardless of the hurdle.

Official Tracklist Of “Make Beats, Not Walls” 

6. Cypher of Assassins – Imagine a bunch of Samurais have a sparring session but instead of katanas its microphones and mad fire bars!

7. A Fiend For Her Love – A romantic laid back beat, about being addicted to the love of a significant other to the point that you are addicted to it, you never get enough, you become a fiend for it, it becomes your everything.

8. God of War – This beat is when you absolutely positively have to go beast mode and destroy everything in sight and law the law, a statement, to make sure everyone knows you are a threat.

9. Pay Attention – A beat made for those who wanna show that they are way above average, not your common rapper, listeners better pay attention.

10. Lost – This beat has more of a conscious joint about being mentally lost. Sometimes in life you have to lose it all to find yourself, just because you are wandering doesnt mean all is forsaken.

The 6th Element Presents Free To Use Beat Tape “Make Beats, Not Walls”