Desi Methods – DMeth Saturdays

Inspired by Kanye West’s ‘G.O.O.D. Fridays,’ Desi Method started DMeth Saturdays and released a new song every week on their website for 15 weeks straight.

The project features collaborations between Vancouver based artists Esjay, Mali, Sze, Shalini, Shivangi Bhayana, Quixotic, and ThinkVik.

The result of the 15 weeks of work included 15 different pieces of artwork by Sze, a total of 14 songs and a mixtape with music production by Esjay, photography by Vikaash Prasaad and music by Mali, Shalini, Shivangi and Quixotic.

[wp_media_playlist media=”audio” volume=0.8 preload=”on” entries=”‘Aari Aari – Mali (produced by Mali)’,”,’′;’Faded – Mali (produced by Esjay)’,”,’′;’Kill Switch (produced by Esjay)’,”,’′;’The Diple – Mali & Esjay’,”,’′;’Symphony In the Dark – Esjay (samples of Mona Singh)’,”,’′;’We Need a Revolution – Esjay (samples of Aaliyah)’,”,’′;’Time (produced by Esjay)’,”,’′;’Radiophonic – Shalini (produced by Esjay)’,”,’′;’Tang Jaana (produced by Mali & Esjay)’,”,’′;’Falling (prod. by Esjay)’,”,’′;’Brooklyn Bells (produced by Esjay)’,”,’′;’Neele Nain (produced by Mali)’,”,’′;’Antiseptic 4 the Skeptic (produced by Esjay)’,”,’′;’For Ages (produced by Esjay)’,”,’′;”]