Desi Hip Hop’s Hot Picks Of The Week! (W/56)

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Last week, we saw an immense turnout from the Indian Hip-Hop community. Around the map, emcees turned it up and presented new tunes one after the other. This list is special as it is the first time we will feature not 5 but 7 distinct tracks that dropped. As we could not allow any track to go unnoticed, we have placed them all in this article.

1) MC Heam – 4:20

There are a lot of reasons why MC Heam’s latest single “4:20: should be the starting this list off. The song is holding its own and gaining momentum steadily far in the regions of the Desi Hip Hop world. A soulful and heartfelt message that showcases a new soundscape coming via MC Heam. He has transformed himself to a versatile artist and has evolved to dive deeper into a bigger picture that he has set for himself.

Check out the soulful “4:20” by MC Heam and give it a share!

2) Divine ft. Raja Kumari – Roots

Divine dropped a fire verse in his latest music video. The video was showcased on the Sony Music India channel and features Raja Kumari on the hook and a verse. The song is short and concise and has also spread fast among the fans and has also caused up a bit of a controversy. This was due to a certain interpretation in a line that was said on the song by Raja Kumari.

Check out the song down below and let us know your thoughts!

3) Shizty -x- Crost – One Life

Shizty and Crost also dropped an outstanding track called One Life. The track is vibrant and speaks of the aspirations (as the name suggests) that dreamers want to acheive in this life. The video is shot really well and Crost effortlessly moves through the verses spitting about his inspirations, and also flexes his skill. Shizty brings the vibe to the track on a new level. The emotion in her voice gets deep and mixed with the Boom-Bap track, it just fits really perfectly into the whole mix of things. Few artists in the scene can pull off such tracks and it is touching to see that Boom-Bap culture is still thriving in India.

Watch the video for “One Life” down below and dont forget to share and subscribe!

4) Big-Ri & Meba Ofilia (Khasi Bloodz) – Done Talking

Another entry into this list comes from one of the most recognized North-East Hip-Hop talents in the country. Khasi Bloodz dropped a vibrant, and emotional song called “Done Talking”. The video features some great work and the song is on its own tangent. Everything from the production of the instrumental (done by crew member D-Mon himself) to the video and even the acting is on point. And this video does its job to set that point very well.

A rollercoaster video coupled with two amazing talents just makes this track way better than a lot of other noise coming from the scene. The setting, to costume to the story. It is immersive and keeps you hooked throughout. Meba Ofilia stands out as her voice shines on most of the track and Big-Ri comes through with an impeccable flow and rhymescheme on this one.

Watch “Done Talking” by Khasi Bloodz down below! Dont forget to share and subscribe!

5) Emiway Buntai – Kadak Ban

Emiway finally responds to the haters and the ones riding his wave. The self made Indian emcee has responded to a lot of criticism and diss records aimed at him with an 8-Mile-esque video. The song Kadak Ban keeps the tone of Buntai on the same lines as his catalog. This is a record intended to diss them back and it does so in a way more visually than verse wise.

Check out Kadak Ban by Emiway and let us know your thoughts!

6) Desi Backpack – Crost -x- Ace Lekhak – Cypher

DesiBackPack is back with a bang! Showcasing Khatarnaak Collectives very own Crost and Ace Lekhak doing their own thing. The video is simple and to the point. Both the emcees bring in their A-Game to the table and shine in their own way. DBP has been doing some great groundwork in bringing new and deserving talents to the forefront.

Watch DBP’s latest cypher down below!


7) Prabh Deep – Vekhi Ja

Prabh Deep dropped a surprise track outta nowhere this week. The beat, produced by Sez is one of a kind. It has a rhythm of a Dhol and sticks to Sez’ signature style and sound. Prabh goes HAM on the beat and raps bar after bar. He rides this beat on a whole new level. The song is being pushed as something that sets a benchmark for establishing Prabh as one of the upper echelon artists in Indian Hip-Hop.

Check out Vekhi Ja by Prabh Deep down below!