Desi Hip Hop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/65)

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1) Fotty Seven -x- Rebel 7 -x- Huzur – Haan Bhai

In just 3 days this track has already surpassed two lakh views. The exceeding virality of Fotty Seven is not to be underestimated. In a full on Delhi street lingo, all three of them have made a creative and catchy tune with some fire verses in there. The song reps Delhi to the core. The song represents the three kinds of people in Delhi and its a funny-yet-true tune throughout the track.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts!

2) Poetik Justis -x- HHB – Juuari Vantaas –

After the immense momentum shift with “Chalega”, Poetik Justis is back with yet another banger off his upcoming album “Kala Pani”. Juuari Vantaas is the hustler anthem. It is the second track off his album and this certainly seems to separate him from a lot of sounds that are already out there. There is musicality, sonic understanding and lyricism at the core of this song.

The album is produced entirely by HHB and the two songs that have dropped seem to share insights on how excellently produced and directed this album is going to be. As we await further songs off Kala Pani, make sure you check out the video below and share it with your friends! Khel Pura Khallaas!

3) Shinji -x- Buck – Almari –

Almari is a song that personifies an “Almaari” (Cupboard) and explains that its a friend that keeps many secrets. This song comes from a place of deep emotion. The song is deep, accompanied by a mellow, almost nostalgic lo-fi beat from Watashiva Shinji (Producer State Of Mind). Watch the video below and tune in to the amazing lo-fi scenes coming up!

4) Nasty Ninja – Payday

Mumbai Hip-Hop OG Nasty Ninja drops yet another banger “Pay Day”, produced by MADPLUG and its here to blow your speakers away. Turn up with this special banger. Its loud, its hype and its in, Ninja has ascended to understand and create more to the tune of international sounds right here in the country.

Watch the latest from Ninja and subscribe to his channel for more of these sounds


5) Kidshot -x- Encore ABJ – Show Me –

Yet another super-collaboration coming from Mumbai’s very own Kidshot and Delhi representer Encore ABJ. The track is one-of-a-kind and both the players have slaughtered an amazing beat by Har Man. This is a bar fest. Both emcees don’t believe in all that talk. “Show us instead” is the motto. These are two of Hindi raps finest clashing in a bar-for-bar setup. Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts!