Desi Hip Hop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/60)

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September is already here and with it comes a fresh set of new songs along the way. Desi Hip-Hop continues with its 60th edition of “Hot 5 Of The Week” by collecting the fresh new sounds from across the Desi music world and bringing them to you in this article. This list is adorned with star-studded names all bringing their own particular vibe and sound to their tracks. This list certainly combines songs from all around the world to give you a total experience of what is going on in the world of Desi Hip Hop.

From India, to Bangladesh, to Canada, to the United Kingdom, we bring to you a whole new set of songs by some of the most renowned artists in their region. The hype is real, and these artists do more than just live up to it. They are the culture pushers, and the songs they make represent a big part of who they are. So without further ado, lets get on with this weeks Hot 5 picks! (Note: This list is in no way in ascending or descending order. It is just a collection of tracks that have been handpicked for this weeks feature article.)

1) Raxstar – Glass Ceiling (Prod. by Haji Springer)

Raxstar is a top global Desi emcee. He has been representing the community for a long while and has risen to a new height with each new track. His latest drop “Glass Ceiling” sees him remembering his doubters and his battles with his self and breaking through the noise. It shows his prowess as a lyrical emcee as he goes in bar for bar and drops some serious knowledge about his experiences in the industry. From being looked down due to his skin color, to fighting battles with the world and finally finding himself.

He is a diverse emcee, able to create a track for any mood. This is one for the core Raxstar followers and newcomers alike. This is a part of Raxstar that has been working tirelessly behind the scenes. Rap is a tool to vent the frustrations and the experiences, and Raxstar uses the pen in spectacular fashion. The beat for this song is produced by none other than Haji Springer. Haji has done a more than efficient job to the instrumental. He has laid down the perfect beats to match the emotion that Raxstar explodes into. Check out the song below and let us know your thoughts!

2) Seedhe Maut – Shaktimaan

One of the few and finest  Hip-Hop binary crews in the country, Seedhe Maut are a Delhi success story in the making. Their recent drop Shaktimaan just unveiled to us all what their next big project is going to sound like. And boy does it sound massive. The duo are a perfect blend to the instrumentals created by mastermind Sez On The Beat. The stroke of genius in this duo is the way they craft their verses. The songwriting has improved tenfold from their last project and we can certainly expect more of that from them on their next. Shaktimaan is the story of the layman. The layman with big dreams and the power to chase them. The duo reminds people that even a layman has the power to chase and realise their dreams.

All this depicted  metaphorically by the video which has been executed well by Canfuse. Canfuse has made a plethora of Hip-Hop music videos and have become the go to guys for hip-hop artists for their video. Mumbai emcee D’evil also plays the antagonist in the video. There is a story laid down in the video as we progress through it and it is a treat to watch and listen to. Big ups to the boys up north for this and we await their next project.

3) Black Zang – Sleep In The Deep

Representing Bangladesh, Black Zang is one of the realest emcees from his country. He has already completed a couple of tours. A United States Tour, and a UK tour with other Asian emcees like Naezy, Dee MC, and others from Sri Lanka, Afghanistan etc. The track is a motivational banger. The knowledge that Black Zang drops in bangla is abundant. The message is loud and clear. The emcee drops knowledge bombs and thats what makes this dude stand out from the rest. He has been a constant pusher of the culture and still does with his radio show Planet Hip Hop.

Being one of the few standout emcees from Bangladesh, he is responsible for a huge growth of the scene and he keeps his responsibility in check with the type of music he drops. There is a certain level of passion and grit that he brings to the table with each drop. Thats what sets this artist apart from a lot of others in the game.

4) Marshall The Third & Puneet Kohli – Razzi Khushi

In an entirely refreshing and unique way, Marshall The Third and Puneet Kohli are making waves in the scene in their own time. This video is refreshing as much as it is fun to watch. The song is wacky and represents a fun side of the music which is kind of rare to see nowadays. This video definitely needs the push as it might be one of the only clay motion animated music videos in the Indian rap scenario.

Marshall and Puneet both have collaborated on a lot of satirical and funny rap songs, and their vibes give this song a twist of flavor. The vibes are definitely comedy rap, but the execution is flawless. The hard work shows in the video and bringing this concept to life just adds to the liveliness of their sound. Check out Razzi Khushi by Marshall The Third and Puneet Kohli down below and dont forget to share the track! This one is for the culture, enjoy!

5) Emiway – Out Of Sampark

Emiway has dropped one of his best videos till date with the latest song “Out Of Sampark”. This song seeks to separate him from everyone else. Literally everyone in the scene. The artist sees himself cutting off from contact, and the video exemplifies this feeling even further. Emiway has been releasing a string of high quality videos and has definitely turned his level of musicality up a notch with each drop. This song sees that aspect of songwriting which seems minimal yet is effective.

Out Of Sampark is a banger and Emiway delivers in the song as well as the video. The video has gained mass momentum in a short time and the hype keeps growing. Emiway has achieved his goals of maintaining a fanbase with finesse. Watch “Out Of Sampark” by Emiway down below and let us know your thoughts.