Desi Hip Hop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/61)

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A new month brings with it some special, special music headed your way! This time we have a diverse range of Desi artists who have dropped some heat. Artists are continuously making great content and on this list are the special 5 (and some more) that have really come through. Desi Hip-Hop is alive and thriving and anyone who feels different needs to change their mindset.

Without further ado, lets get into our top picks of recent drops!

1) Raghveer Boli ft. Bohemia – Munde Mar Jaaenge

Raghveer Boli sets a tune for the ladies on this one. This track is suave and has the right tunes to get your head ringing and your dancing feet ready. Jay K, the producer of the track has blessed the instrumental with a dope drop too. The vocals are on point and Bohemia then proceeds to lay his signature styles on the song.

The song is set to put you on replay mode from the go. Enjoy this one at your leisure or play it loud at your party!

2) Raja Kumari -x- Midival Punditz feat. Radikal Forze Crew – Unstoppable

Like the song above, this one is a certified hit. Midival Punditz always drop a tune to dance to and who better to be featured on this video other than the Radikal Forze Crew from Singapore!

The video is top notch and Raja Kumari spits some bars with vibes that really capture Singapore’s spirit. The instrumental was made by the Midival Punditz by sampling parts and moments of the sounds of Singapore and adding them to the beat. It is just as soulful as the city is and all of them have brought the video to life.

3) RWNLPWNL – NaanStop (Drake Nonstop Parody)

Naan Stop is featured on this list because it comes from one of the few Desi rap parody acts in the global spectrum. RWNLPWNL keep it a hundred and bring the hottest hits to the table but with a twist. Repping for the true desi culture they are spreading some positivity with their styles and sounds.

This parody literally sees them preparing naan in the kitchen with some hilarious references to Desi culture. A must watch for a good laugh!

4) Emiway – Samajh Mein Aaya Kya?

Emiway has returned in true Emiway fashion, only this time he is all up to bring in the big guns. The track takes shots at Raftaar, Divine and MC Stan. All this over his perception of the things that Raftaar and Divine have said about him.

The song doesn’t hit lyrically but it does talk about some facts. It addresses an interview with Raftaar in which he claims that Emiway does not earn much in his music, but this seems to be taken out of context. The diss directed towards Divine has something to do with something he said in a party, and a small clip of Divine saying that he is the biggest artist in India is played. MC Stan was known to diss Emiway previously and the verse directed to him re-runs that portion of the narrative.

It is one of the most successful songs that Emiway has dropped and it seems like he is ready for backlash now more than ever. He also claims it is because of him and Naezy that the scene turned towards Hindi rap in the first place. Check this one and make of it what you will!

5) Mobbin, Verbal Singh, Avatar, SJAM, Karman – Breathe

This is a special posse cut straight from the realms of global Desi Rap. Mobbin, Verbal Singh, Avatar, SJAM & Karman are featured in the Coast To Coast movement and drop lyrical verses one after another. Pick an emcee and quote a hot line, this song is one for the purists! Desi Rap is a budding resource with more than abundant talent!

The whole coast to coast movement captures these special talents and puts them in the forefront with the platform. Big tunes and big waves!

Special Mentions

Shreyas -x- A-Ban – Filth

Some glaring visuals, some lo-fi sonics, some truth blasting lyrics and some passive aggressive vocals. This track is truly a mix of range. The song is poetry and mixes a lot of emotion to truly bring both Shreyas and A-Bans mindsets to the forefront. A-Ban (of Bombay Lokal) has also shot and edited the video which looks really interesting. It captures a different focus on the artists lives and brings off centre scenery to the front.

It is a track to chill and vibe with. These are the different voices that are spread out far and wide in the Indian Hip-Hop soundscape. A must hear for all artists and Indian Hip-Hop heads.

RADA – Hum Toh Hai He Aise

Throwback to a few weeks ago, this track is one not to be missed. Representing Pune – RADA is an up and coming emcee to check out asap. He really puts his songwriting skills on blast in this song and we are sure this track is club ready plus for the hardcore rap fans too. The track is directed towards the fairweather listeners and doubters who keep bugging artists about their lives.

RADA expresses his dislike for the opinions of others and keeps it street from bar one on this track. A song to sing along too and jam with. RADA certainly pops up on the Desi Hip-Hop radar with this one. Keeping it real and raw, the verses and hook sound Schoolboy Q inspired but not in the least the same.

These were our top picks for this edition of DHH Hot 5! Got a song you’d recommend for the next one? Let us know in the comments section!