Desi Hip Hop TV Launches On Tata Sky’s Channel QYOU


The newly launched channel QYOU has ventured into the Indian market with their recent partnership with Tata Sky. QYOU Media curates best of the content on the Internet to broadcast it on television screens across the globe. The multimedia giant has laid down its foundations in numerous continents and it was only about time that they turned towards South Asia.

Desi Hip Hop is proud to announce our content partnership with QYOU India, enabling hip hop in South Asia to reach 17+ millions of viewers every week. As the leading platform for Desi Hip Hop globally, this partnership aims at extending the culture to undiscovered segments of the audience. Furthermore, this venture will branch out to create original hip hop content apart from the curation of our existing music database.

QYOU Media co-founder, CEO Curt Marvis stated, “We know that younger audiences often seek out the latest local content on the internet so this next step in our partnership with Tata Sky brings our curation of the best of India’s vibrant online content to audiences through their TV subscription. We have sourced some of the best local talent to make the shows as relevant and engaging as possible. We are delighted to add Desi Hip Hop to the programming line-up for this launch.”

DesiHipHop TV airs on QYou India – Every Friday Night 10.30PM 
on TataSky channels 200 & 201

QYOU Media has been founded by industry veterans from Lionsgate, MTV, and CinemaNow. Their millennial and gen-Z focused products include linear television networks, genre-based series, mobile apps, and video-on-demand formats reaching millions of customers on six continents. QYOU India caters to 17 million Tata Sky customers across television and mobile devices.

Tata Sky Chief Content Officer, Arun Unni commented: “Catering to audiences’ changing preferences and tastes has always been the core focus for Tata Sky.

DHH CEO Hardik Dave stated, “Our primary goal at Desi Hip Hop Inc has always been to raise global awareness for South Asian Hip-Hop culture. Partnering with channel QYOU gives Desi Hip Hop reach to over 17M viewers on Tata Sky in India and over 100M globally. Join the revolution, witness the rebirth!

Spreading the word about Hip Hop as a culture is of utmost importance and is no less than the need of the hour. For the culture to sustain independently it is crucial for the audience to be made aware of its existence. Needless to say the South Asian community is well unaware of hip hop as a genre and has many misconceptions about it. has always tried to bridge this gap and our partnership with QYOU India is another step in the same direction.

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