Desi Hip-Hop Stars And Their Luxurious Cars

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As we all know, the five elements of hip hop are MCing/rapping, Djing, Breakdance, Beatboxing and Graffiti with the universal element being Knowledge. Speaking of South-Asian countries, there is a rapid growth in the hip-hop scene. We have seen good hip-hop music in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal too. With the success of Desi Hip-Hop stars, the market of hip-hop in South-Asian countries has seen a rapid growth in the past few years.

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As a matter of fact, most of our Desi Hip-Hop stars always talk about fancy rides in their tracks. Often making use of luxury and sports cars in their respective videos. Hip-hop is a larger than life music genre, stars of which possess a large amount of wealth.

In fact, these stars don’t hesitate to flaunt their luxury rides in public. Every rapper has his own choice and their chosen rides reflect their persona. Through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, these rappers are able to flaunt their expensive cars. Showing their fans that they actually live the luxurious lives that they are rap about.

List of “Desi Hip-Hop Stars and their luxurious cars

1. Yo! Yo! Honey Singh

Yo! Yo! Honey Singh owns an Audi R8 which costs approx rupees 2.47 crores, one Rolls Royce and a Jaguar. His love for cars can be seen through the collection of his cars. Everyone dreams about these cars and this guy owns all of them.


2. Bohemia

According to sources, Bohemia owns a Rolls Royce which costs around 3 to 4 crores and Hummer H2 which costs around 1 to 2 crores. King size way of life!



3. Badshah

Badshah has a Lamborgini and a BMW 640D. Moreover, he flaunts “Mere pass Mercedez vo bhi do do” in his track “Driving Slow”.



4. Raftaar

Raftaar has an Audi Q3 which cost him around 40 lakhs and this year he bought a brand new Mercedez S class 2017 edition. He posted these pictures when he bought his New S Class 2017 edition. Take a look –


5. Ikka Singh

After all his struggle and hard work, Ikka Singh finally managed to buy a luxury car for himself. This is what he posted on his social media:

These are the cars that are owned by your favourite “Desi Hip-Hop Stars”. Note – some of the information is taken from anonymous sources.